Are you a small business owner? 

Are you leveraging a blog to drive traffic to your website?

As a small business owner, you are leaving money on the table if you don't blog. Blogging provides so many benefits to your business that without it, you're doing a disservice to your audience. Ouch! 

When I started blogging, I struggled with creating content. I wasn't 100% sure on how to leverage a blog for my business, and frankly, I wasn't confident in what I was doing. As a result, I was blogging inconsistently. Inconsistent blogging did absolutely nothing for my business. I am a firm believer in consistency being the key to everything but with blogging and content creation was my nemesis when I started my business. 

However, in 2017, I made a decision that I was going to blog consistently every week to grow my following, increase my reach, build my credibility and to educate my tribe. So far, it has been a platform that I adore! It's been a way to get all of my ideas out of my head and to my tribe. I can share my knowledge and serve more people with my blog. And here's the best part! Once I started blogging consistently, my website traffic grew significantly. Literally, in ONE MONTH of consistently blogging my website traffic has increased by 140 %. Isn't that incredible? Each month it keeps building, which is fantastic! 

As a result, I want to share my top 15 reasons why blogging is hugely beneficial to your small business and why you should leverage it. Let's dive in!

  1. Positions yourself as an authority figure, leader, and an expert in your industry. - A celebrity like status helps establish your credibility so that you can build the know, like, and trust factor with your audience.

  2. Builds your credibility. - Credibility means your audience trusts you enough to buy from you and recommend your products or services to others.

  3. Allows you to "sharpen the sword." - Mainly you're always up to date on what new and you're always learning so that you can provide our audience with the best.

  4. Builds brand awareness. - Helps people recognize elements of your brand and that it belongs to you. Think pink Cadillac...MARY KAY! Brand awareness and recognition with your audience are critical.

  5. Easily shareable across social media platforms. - Work smarter, not harder girl! A blog can be easily shareable on every social media platform with a few tweaks here and a dash of love there.

  6. Valuable content helps educate your readers and shows your knowledge, skills, and experience. - Value-based content is original content that is yours that focuses on your skills, education, and expertise. Sharing valuable content with your audience not only position yourself as an expert, but it shows them that you have the knowledge, skills, and experience to provide a solution to their problems.

  7. Boosts the SEO to drive traffic to your website. - Having an optimized blog helps the search engines recommend your content to those that are searching for information related to your topics. By doing so, it will drive cold audience traffic to your website, and they then turn into leads that could subscribe or even better buy your products or services.

  8. Develops client relationships. - Providing valuable content in the form of a blog allows you to nurture your readers so that they can feel comfortable with purchasing anything from you. It gives them a glimpse into what it would be like to work with you or to buy products from your business.

  9. A free way to attract ICA leads to your business. - Blogging is another platform to collect subscribers for your newsletter organically. Once they're on your newsletter, you can continue to nurture them privately rather than publicly and move the process along a little faster.

  10. A free way to gather mark research through analytics. - Using your website analytics or Google analytics, you're able to track what topics are HOT for your readers. As such, you can create more content that they want to read.

  11. Communicates your vision and mission for your business. - Blogging allows you to showcase your passion and what your business stands for. When readers read your blog, they should get a sense for who you are and what your business is about.

  12. An opportunity to network with other thought leaders and industry experts. - Blogging allows you to get visible online and positions yourself as an expert in your industry. As such, different authority figures and leaders may seek to collaborate or even recommend your business to others.

  13. Encourages readers engagement on your website. - Having a CTA to ask your readers to engage is brilliant. It not only further helps to position yourself as an expert, but it allows you to connect to build a relationship with them as well.

  14. Increases your sales by converting readers. - Driving more traffic to your blog so that you can nurture your lead is ideally what you want to do with any content marketing strategy. And once you nurture them by building the relationship you then can convert them to paying clients. More clients mean more sales.

  15. Increases you bottom-line long term. - Increased bottom-line means more profits and who doesn't want more money in their pocket?

Alright, there you have it! My top reasons or should I say benefits to blogging as a small business owner. In my opinion, it is one beneficial way to leverage content marketing for your business. I highly recommend it!

Valuable Content = Trust

Trust = Credibility

Credibility = Leads

Leads = Sales

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Lastly, if you have no idea where to begin creating a blog, take a look at this fabulous resource from Website Builder and their infographic that talks all about how to create a blog!

In the comments below, please share: What was your biggest take away from the benefits outlined above? Do you plan to start blogging for your small business? 


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