A few months ago, I was feeling lost, stuck, insecure, unfulfilled in my life and knew I wasn't living my life with passion and purpose. I knew that I wanted to start my own business and for some time I had been looking at starting an online boutique. I LOVE boutiques. However, I was still not 100% convinced that opening a boutique was my calling. How was I really helping people in a positive way? How was I truly giving back to others? For me, it wasn't enough. So I struggled with trying to find my purpose. I know I wanted to help inspire, empower and enrich women's lives, but I had no idea what I was going to do. So I continued to ponder...

After finally getting frustrated with myself, I expressed my feelings and desires to my husband. Naturally, he told me to meditate, pray and I shall receive my answer. So as reluctant as I was to follow his instruction, I did it anyway. I hate when he's right! With that, I became clear that I wanted to share my life stories to help inspire others. Offer hope, renew their faith and be their beacon of light. After much prodding by others, I decided that I would give blogging a try. Not sure where to start or what to even do to start a blogging business, I turned to the internet and started my research. I signed up for every free webinar, handout, class, etc that I could get my hands on. I rented books from the library and started taking notes like crazy! 

Unfortunately, after all of that, I was still not sure of what I was doing. I wasn't seeing how blogging was going to fully fulfill my desire to help mentor women. I sat down with my husband again and expressed my desire to eventually write a book, hold women's retreats, do motivational speaking, hold webinars, educate women on how to embrace their uniqueness, inspire them to renew their faith, start a non-profit or open a women's ministry and so much more! Again, he listened and told me to pray. I once again followed his instruction. 

Within a couple of days, I happened to be on my lunch break at work and was scrolling through the news feed of Facebook when I came across a Facebook ad for Lexi D'Angelo. The ad immediately grabbed my attention. That girl knows how to market! Gah! I fell in love with her style and felt like she was speaking to me.

Anyway, I was looking through her website I had the "ah-ha" moment. The light bulb finally turned on! This was it! This is exactly what I had been telling my husband I wanted to do but just didn't know what it was called. And here is where my desire to be a Coach started. I chuckle when I think about it because I have heard of coaches before, but for whatever reason it just didn't "click" in my brain that Coaching is what I had been describing all along. Woah! How's that for a slap right upside the head?!?! Thanks God for that giant "ah-ha"! 

I eagerly texted the hubby and told him my fantastic news that I finally figured it out! Excited, scared and ready to run with my business idea I started looking for everything and anything I could get my hands. I needed to know and how to run a successful coaching business and how to properly coach. 

I have a thirst for knowledge so this was perfect for me. I began taking webinars, signing up for programs and enrolling in business mastermind groups both free and paid. I have had the privilege of learning from Chalene Johnson, Gina Devee, Michael Hyatt, Melanie Duncan and several others that are absolutely amazing. I was starting to feel more confident but knew I was going to continue to "spin my wheels" without some help. It was then, that I decided I need to seek a Coach of my own. If I was going to be a coach then I needed a coach. I knew that investing in myself was going to be invaluable.  I searched around and kept looking for that perfect Coach that I resonated with. Every time I searched, my mind would immediately go back to Lexi. She had me hooked! Even before our first clarity call, I knew that we would hit it off and we did! That girl is AH-MAZING! Seriously though, she is! 

But anyway, back to my story of wanting to fulfill my life with passion and purpose. I knew with crystal clear clarity that this was my calling. I wanted to mentor women around struggles within their life and their business. I wanted to inspire, empower and enrich their lives and truly help them discover the life they have always dreamed of. I wanted to be the bridge to the gap of where they are now and where they wanted to be. I wanted to instill confidence and courage to step outside of their comfort zone and do something pretty miraculous! This was it, this is what I was meant to do! 

And hence, the dawn of my brand new business!