Struggle with creating an effective sales strategy that actually works? Girl, don’t you worry. How would you like 5 easy steps to help you create a sales strategy for success? Holla!

Here's the scoop, sales are the lifeline of your business. No sales = no business. Developing an effective sales strategy is a common problem among my clients. Real talk, an effective sales strategy will help you focus your time and attention on the most important audiences: clients and prospects. We want to work smarter, not harder!

Here are 5 steps to creating an effective sales strategy that’ll help you CRUSH the competition and your sales numbers:

1. Identify your ideal clients.

  • Know who you serve with crystal clear clarity! Be super specific on the details.

  • Formulate a strategy for acquiring NEW clients and maintaining the existing ones.

  • Study your current clients and outline the good, the bad and the ugly traits of each. You want to work with the RIGHT people that are bringing you MONEY and not STRESS.

2. Know your unique selling proposition (USP) that sets you apart from the rest.

  • Your unique selling proposition (USP) is the very thing that sets you apart from the rest. - Why should your prospects choose YOU? What makes you UNIQUE?

3. Analyze your online market.

  • Know where your ideal clients are hanging out.

  • Determine if you’re leveraging the platform fully.

  • Track the sales that are coming in from each platform.

  • Determine whether or not sales are increasing or decreasing.

  • Determine if you can expand your business into another market or leverage another platform to engage with your target audience online. Who do you admire?

4. Who in your industry do you admire and aspire to be like?

  • Study what they do and then put your own spin on it.

  • Get creative and take it to a whole other level! They caught your attention for a reason to figure out what their USP and leverage it to your advantage.

5. Know your sales numbers.  

  • Your sales goal should be S.M.A.R.T.

  • Track your sales. Every penny that comes in or out of your business needs to be tracked. 

  • Create a budget for your business. No budget = hobby business

  • Reverse engineer your numbers.

So, in short, to develop a killer sales strategy make sure to (1) Identify your ideal client (2) Know your USP (3) Analyze your online market (4) Know who you admire and why (5) Know your sales numbers.

What questions do you have regarding how to create your own sales strategy? What resonated with you the most from this post? Comment below.