Have you ever done a SWOT analysis on your business? It’s a phenomenal way to give you a very general overview of your business so that it can help you assess any areas for opportunities and those areas where you may need a little TLC. 

What is a SWOT Analysis? A SWOT analysis represents strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your business. 

However, instead of doing a SWOT analysis on your business it'll be on YOU! To start, I would love for you to journal these 5 questions to help give you a little more clarity in your business: 

  • What am I pretending not to know that could propel me forward towards the success that I desire?
  • What knowledge, skills or experiences do I have that I’m not currently applying in my business? How am I playing small?
  • Why don’t I do the things that I know I should be doing? What fears or doubts am I having?
  • How can I start incorporating it into my daily routine?
  • What don’t I know that I need to know in order to achieve the success that I desire? 


Taking a look at your personal strengths is important because it'll help you get crystal clear clarity on what your unique selling proposition (USP) and hook are. As difficult as it may be to open up and be real with yourself, it is crucial to do so. Once you identify your strengths, you’ll be able to capitalize on them for your business. You want to work within your zone(s) of genius and identifying your unique gifts is the first step in doing so. 

Therefore to start, do a brain purge of all of your strengths.  If you get stuck, ask your biz besties, friends and loved ones what you do best. They’ll help shed some light on your awesomeness, even if you don’t realize it’s unique to you.

When ready, journal these questions out to help give you more clarity on your strengths: 

  • What knowledge, skills or experiences have I learned or had that I can apply to my business? 
  • What am I inherently good at? What comes naturally to me?
  • What is the biggest success that I’ve ever had?
  • What do others consistently praise me for? 
  • What could I spend hours doing and not even realize that any time has passed?


Taking a look at your weaknesses is always a touchy subject because we hate to see the truth in how we are and the mistakes we’ve made. We can be our own worst critics and when the truth comes it can cut pretty deep. 

This will be an opportunity for you to explore and identify where your weaknesses lie that are currently holding you back from propelling you forward towards success that you desire. This will allow you seek ways to improve or deal with your weaknesses. Learning to deal with your weaknesses and then utilizing your strengths will allow you to take action, hit your goals and run a thriving business. 

When ready, journal these questions out to help give you more clarity on your weaknesses: 

  • What is the biggest failure that I have ever experienced?
  • What do others consistently criticize me for? 
  • What activities totally drain my energy?
  • What do I wish I could change about myself?
  • What tasks do I tend to procrastinate with on a regular basis?


This is one of my favorite steps of the SWOT analysis. This is an opportunity for you to take a peek at what opportunities are available to you or perhaps even ones that you have yet to explore due to fear. Some ideas for opportunities could be - guest expert series, guest blog posting, being a guest on podcast or telesummit, collaborations, networking, getting visible on various social media platforms. The point of this portion of the exercise is for you to look at all the various opportunities that you’re not currently utilizing and pick 1-3 to focus on to get the ball rolling. 

When ready, journal these questions out to help give you more clarity on your threats: 

  • What can I do to capitalize on my strengths in order to create more opportunities?
  • What about my strengths can I utilize in order to make my weaknesses be irrelevant? 
  • Who can I collaborate with that is strong where I am weak?
  • How can I SHINE brightly like a DIAMOND online? 
  • What 1-3 opportunities am I willing to embark on today to propel my business forward?


Most people when they think of threats they automatically think of the competition. However, I don’t believe in the competition! No one can be YOU better than YOU and your vibe will attract your tribe. If you have "competition" in your industry, it's a good thing! That means there's a market for what you're doing. Leverage it! 

Therefore for threats, I want you to focus on what threats are preventing you from doing the work you love. It may be in the form of a negative mindset, lack of confidence, no strategy, not enough support or clarity. The goal is to identify what areas of your life and business are causing potential threats that are holding you back from the success that you desire. 

When ready, journal these questions out to help give you more clarity on your threats: 

  • What are my top 3 threats and how are they stopping me from moving forward?
  • What activities currently drain my energy?
  • How can I stop doing the activities that drain my energy and replace them with ones that light a fire within?
  • What type of support do I need that I’m not actively getting to help me worth through these roadblocks?
  • Where can I seek additional support?

As you can see, performing a SWOT analysis on yourself is just as vital to doing one on your business. It allows for you to GROW and step into your power as a fearless entrepreneur. As daunting as this task may have been, remember it is to your benefit. You have people who need you, your gifts and your message. Use what the good Lord gave you and leverage to create the life and business that you'll adore.

I'd love to hear in the comments: What's your biggest threat that you're currently facing in your business. How do you plan to overcome it?