Struggling to make consistent sales? 

Heck, are you struggling to make sales period?

No worries! I am going to give you some tried and true methods of making quick sales so that you no longer have to worry about when the money is going to flow so that you can pay your bills. 

Trust me, that's NEVER fun when you're worried about how you're going to pay your bills when the sales aren't coming in. You panic, your anxiety kicks into high gear, you get desperate and reach out to people basically begging for a sale. I mean, let's be honest...you turn into a HOT MESS! 

Therefore, if there's anything you take away from this blog post it should be that you're no longer going to feel like a hot mess. Why? Because it's time to feel like a QUEEN! A queen of sales that is.  

Alright, let's dive into 3 easy-peasy ways to make some quick cash in your business! Now this will work whether you have a product or service based business. I have previously had a product based business and have years of experience in sales. I now obviously have a service based business and have used many of the same strategies that I used for my product based business. Therefore, I know these tactics work! 

To start, determine who you have as leads that you can connect with to make an offer or pitch your product or service to. Look to your email list, social media following, your own Facebook group, and your own personal network of people that are your friends, family, biz besties, mastermind partners, collaborators, etc. Make a list of everyone you can think of that fits your ICA profile that has:

  • leads that you know your products or services are perfect for and are still in the nurturing phase. (ie. warm leads)

  • expressed interest in your products or services in the past but has not purchased. (ie. hot leads)

  • previously purchased your products or services and would likely to purchase again. (ie. current or former clients/customers)


Identify the "low hanging fruit" offers that you currently have to offer your leads. "Low hanging fruit" means these are offers that you can promote and sell like "hot cakes" to people who have already expressed interest in them previously and/or are an ideal client prospect. These sales are easy to make because they require little effort. Yay for easy! 

Keep in mind another low hanging fruit offer could also be a brand new offer that has already been created or can be created quickly based on the pain points of your ICA after previous market research. 

Alright, once you have identified your low hanging fruit offers, you'll then need to:

  • Outline your offer(s) and the price(s) for each offer(s).

  • Identify which offer(s) match with the wants, needs, and desires of your leads that you have previously identified that will work with their investment budget.

  • Make a decision as to which offer(s) you'd like to suggest to these leads.

  • Reverse engineer your numbers to hit your target sales goal and keep you motivated.

    • For example - Sales goal is $1,000. My "low hanging fruit" offer is $250. My closing rate is 50%. I would need to sell 4 offers by presenting the offer to at least 8 qualified leads.

Once you have identified your leads, determined your offering(s), then it's time to pitch your product or service to these is can be done in person, over the phone, via text, instant messenger, email, social media, etc. Use your best judgment, but from experience, if you connect with them via their preferred method you'll have a greater chance at closing the sale. What that means is, if a particular lead only emails you then email them with your offer. If another only wants to connect via a phone call then make a phone call. Mirror their last interaction as it's likely their preferred method of being contacted. 


It's time to work smarter, not harder! Identify anything that you currently have at your disposal that you have previously created. For example, these items could be exclusive client workbooks, freebies, webinars, masterclasses, pre-recorded training, program, etc. Make a list of these items that you have spent time creating that were popular with your ICA. 

Next, you'll need to put your thinking cap on for a bit but you'll need to look at each item you have to leverage and how you can double dip to turn it into another product. Double dip? No, I don't mean double dipping your chips but I do mean double dipping on your hard work to make some money honey. Therefore, to give you an idea here are some options of how you can double dip and create a "new" product to sell to your leads: 

  • Exclusive program workbook > Audio or Video training + workbook/Shop on website

  • 1:1 Private training > E-course

  • Masterclass > Mini-course

  • Webinar > Mini-course/E-course/E-mail course/Tripwire for sales funnel

  • Blog > Ebook/Audio or Video training

  • Facebook livestream > Membership site

  • Ebook > Mini-course/Tripwire for sales funnel

  • Challenge > Mini-course/E-mail course/Tripwire for sales funnel

  • Freebie > Mini-course/E-mail course/Audio or video training/Packaged bundle with other freebies/Tripwire for sales funnel

  • E-mail course > Mini-course/E-course/Tripwire for sales funnel

Once you have identified where you can double dip to create some passive income then all you need to do is create the new product so that you can pitch it to your leads. Pretty easy, right? Who knew you had so much to offer that with a little tweaking here, a dash of love there and POOF! You magically have a "new" product to offer your leads based on what you already have in your arsenal. How's that for working smarter, not harder? 

And of course any time you create anything that's passive income related that means you're automating the sales process so that your PayPal account will be going ka-ching all while you sleep, snuggle with your kiddos, sip a girlie drink on the beach, binge-watch Netflix or whatever our little heart desires while you live the life that you adore! 


Just like the Godfather said, "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse." That is exactly what you're going to do for your current clients or customers to make some quick sales. If you have a service-based business, identify which clients have their contract ending soon. If you have a product-based business, identify which clients have a product that may be expiring, need replacing, replenishing, etc. Once you have identified your leads, you should identify what services or products your current clients or customers absolutely LOVE and need.

From there, you'll create a no-brainer, epic offer that they absolutely can't refuse! Not sure what I mean? No sweat! Here are a few options that have served me well in the past to make some quick sales. In fact, some actually helped me celebrate multiple 4-figure or more months, my first $19k day and $30k month! Take a look below at the various offerings: 

  • an exclusive program to extend their contract that's not offered anywhere else

  • an exclusive pricing option to extend their contract

  • a special price + bonus to extend their contract by a certain date

  • several bonuses that 2x or more the value of the product or service

  • a fast action bonus

  • a time sensitive pricing option + bonus

  • a program credit

  • any combination of the above!

These Godfather Offers have allowed me to resign nearly 50% of my paying clients. That means I didn't have to constantly HUSTLE to find new clients. I easily pitched my current clients that were already raving fans an irresistible offer that they could NOT refuse. Pretty incredible, right?

Therefore, once you have identified your leads, decided on your offer then all that's left is for your to make the pitch. 

Sales really don't have to be difficult. I just provided 3 easy ways to make quick sales in your business. As a result, there should be NO EXCUSE for you to not be making money by the end of the week. Choose one of the options from above and give it a whirl! You'll be surprised at house easy and effortless sales can be when you leverage what's already at your disposal. Use it, girl! Don't work harder but work smarter! 

Alright, in the comments below, I would love for you to share: What was your biggest takeaway from this blog and what option are you going to leverage to make some quick sales in your business by the weekend?