Do you want to be a person of influence and make an impact by leaving your mark on the world?

I get it! I have a huge passion for helping others, and I desire to make an incredible impact where I can leave a legacy that I can be proud of. 

Perhaps you feel like I did when I started my business. I knew I was destined for greatness and was confident that I would make an impact. However, I didn't know where to begin or how to position myself as a leader, expert, and authority figure. But I knew that if I was going to be able to do all that I dreamed about that it was going to take some massive action. But what?

Honestly, had I known what I know now, my life and business would be drastically different. #realtalk I'd be further along on my journey. However, what I have learned over the years is extremely valuable. I was able to slowly learn the ins and outs of how to get insanely visible, gain influence, and start making an impact so that I can effortlessly guide you and my clients through a simple strategy that works. I took the time to test, tweak, and track my strategy and by doing so, I know that with beyond a shadow of a doubt it'll be a game changer for your business too.

Michael Hyatt said in a recent blog post of his called, What it Takes to Become a Person of Influence, that there are four behavior's any leader can adapt to become a person of influence. He said, "Most people think they can’t have influence without more reach, higher education, longer experience, better skills, or a bigger title. While all those are important and can increase your ability to influence others, none of them is essential."

When it comes down to influencing others, Michael says there's a foundation that anyone can create with the four behaviors. What are those four behaviors?

  1. Be Present.

  2. Be Consistent.

  3. Be Empathetic.

  4. Be Counted.

In another related blog post written by Michael Hyatt, Are You Confusing Leadership with Control, he shares four ways YOU can become a person of influence no matter where you're at within your business. Let's take a look!

  1. Focus on yourself.

  2. Take the initiative.

  3. Cast the vision.

  4. Appreciate the effort.

Do you agree with Michael Hyatt about his views on influence?

He makes some very valid points that I certainly agree with when it comes to being an INFLUENTIAL LEADER!

What does it mean to be an influential leader?

It means, you as the leader, are able to inspire action within others through communication, motivation, and empowerment to help them be their best selves and leverage their unique strengths for the greater good. In a nutshell, you foster innovation and bring out the best in others. 

Alright, so now that I have let another expert share his take on influence, let's dive into WHY you should consider collaborating with others to increase your influence by taking a look at these thirty benefits that my colleague, Michaela Hoffman, and I outlined for you: 

(Note: The benefits are not in order of importance.)

  1. Drives traffic to your website and social media.

  2. Shares your messages with more people.

  3. Creates a ripple effect with your impact.

  4. Forms new business relationships.

  5. Increases brand awareness.

  6. Positions yourself as an authority figure, leader, and an expert in the industry.

  7. Increases your credibility and influencer status.

  8. Ability to learn something new.

  9. Increases your community, list, and following.

  10. More effective with your time as a result of working with others.

  11. Increases your exposure and reach.

  12. Inspiration.

  13. Increases your sales, profits, and impact.

  14. Builds the know, like, and trust factor.

  15. Builds confidence to push yourself to experience growth.

  16. Mutually beneficial for all the collaborators participating.

  17. Ability to serve your community in greater ways.

  18. Elevates the end product/service being delivered.

  19. Ability to save money.

  20. Foster a better industry environment emphasizing on empowering others.

  21. Ability to leverage the strengths of others.

  22. Community over competition.

  23. Accountability to deliver on a promise.

  24. Provides an avenue to be generous with others.

  25. Ability to create something unique.

  26. Ability to showcase and leverage your zone of genius.

  27. Possibility for future collaborations, business besties, referral partners, or clients.

  28. Let's your unique gifts stand out.

  29. Provides an opportunity to make real connections online.

  30. Empowers you to be your best self.

As you can see, Michaela and I can attest to the fact that collaborations are a GAME CHANGER for your business. I mean, just look at all the benefits!

You can't honestly tell me that collaborations aren't beneficial to your business after reviewing this list. There are so many pearls of wisdom being shared here. Case in point, collaborations are BENEFICIAL for YOUR BUSINESS!

Not only do collaborations help you get insanely visible, but they will also increase your INFLUENCE and IMPACT.

Are you ready to collaborate with others so that you can increase your influence and make an impact? 

Share with us below: What is your #1 struggle when it comes to collaborations? What is one benefit that surprised you the most?

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