Wondering if now is the right time to hire a coach?

Not sure if it's really worth it?

Listen, I totally get it! I know how scary it can be to invest in a coach. Especially when it's thousands of dollars. My first coach was a $5,000 investment for a 90-day program. After going through a bad divorce my credit was severely damaged. That meant no loans, savings or credit cards. I had nothing! What did I do? I honestly borrowed against my 401(k) to make it happen.

Was it risky? Absolutely!

Was I scared that I wouldn't get an ROI? Hell yeah! I was petrified.

But here's the thing, investing in my first coach and all the others has allowed me to up-level my business quicker than doing it myself. Could I have done it alone? Yeah probably, but I wouldn't be where I am today without the support of my coaches. They have allowed me to learn, grow and scale my business with them by tapping into their knowledge, skills, and experience. Knowledge, skills, and experience I did NOT have. By not DIYing, I was able to in a sense fast track my business. They supported me, held me accountable, bounced around ideas and taught me more about myself and my business in a short period of time that seriously would have taken me YEARS to learn on my own. 

Therefore, the first step to hiring a coach is to acknowledge that you do NEED help and that you can NOT do it all on your own. Investing in yourself and your business allows you to experience massive growth your business in a short period of time. It would literally take you YEARS of trying to do it yourself to accomplish what could be done with a coach in 4-weeks, 4-months or even a year. 

And when you're committed to your business and are ready to take action to make your dreams a reality, then you 110% need a coach that'll support and guide you along your journey. That coach will be a catalyst for making your dreams a reality!

How do you know it's time to hire a business coach? Let's dive into 5 signs that it's time to say YES to getting the support that you need in your business:

  • You're way too overwhelmed!

    • You have too much to do, not enough time in a day.

    • You have no clue how much you actually have as a profit at the end of the month.

    • You have no control over anything in your business.

    • You feel like a hot mess every single day.

  • You're not getting the results you desire.

    • You're trying to DIY, but it's not working.

    • You're throwing things at the wall, but nothing seems to stick.

    • You're a webinar and course junkie and/or a freebie hoarder.

    • Your business is a hobby!

  • You're lacking support.

    • You don't have a sounding board to bounce around all of your ideas.

    • You don't a safe place or someone to talk to about difficult situations that come up in business.

    • You feel alone and that no one gets you.

    • You don't have a support team period.

  • You're struggling to take action.

    • You have ideas that fizzle out constantly.

    • You don't know how to take those ideas and move forward.

    • You struggle with accountability and sticking to a plan.

    • You struggle with turning your dreams into a reality.

  • You're comfortable with playing it safe.

    • You don't try anything new.

    • You're not confident in what you sell or your abilities.

    • You continue to play small and hiding in the background.

    • You're afraid to show the world the REAL you!

Can you relate to any or ALL of these signs? If so, I want you to know that's it's totally ok if you do. It just means that you're ready to get some support in your business. Yes, it will be scary and it will likely be a sizable investment. However, it will be worth it! 

Alright, to help you with this process of admitting it's time to hire a coach, I would love for you to journal these two very basic questions: 

  1. If you could have/do anything in your life and/or business what would it be?

  2. What's stopping you from achieving or having it?

The answers to these journal prompts will help you dive deeper into what it is that you really want and why you're not getting it. A lot of times, this is the b!tch slap my clients need. It can be difficult to acknowledge that you are your own worst enemy and that YOU are blocking your own greatness. The sooner you realize it and get the support you desire, the better it'll be! Why wouldn't you want to be living the life of your dreams NOW? Kinda a no-brainer, eh? 

I'd love for you to share in the comments: What's your biggest struggle when it comes to hiring the support that you need so that you can experience some massive growth in your business?