Ever wonder how others get so much done in a day? 

I used to wonder the same thing! I always felt like there was NEVER enough time in a day. I'd have a to-do list that was overwhelming and I would quite honestly never get it completed. I'd add them to the next day and guess what? They wouldn't get done again. Why? Because other to-dos became more important or I simply wasn't interested in doing them. 

Wasn't interested in doing them? You got it! I loathed the tasks. I would procrastinate and avoid doing them and stay "busy" doing other to-dos. Can you relate? 

Perhaps you've done this with tasks that you KNOW you must do, but since you either loathe it like I did or maybe aren't quite sure how to tackle it you avoid it all together. Humor me, of all the to-dos on your list, how many have been there for more than a few days? Be honest. Is it 5, 10...30? 

Identify which ones you have yet to complete and I would like for you to get real and honest with yourself. Is it because you hate the task, don't know how to break it down into a simpler task or do you not know how to do it so you avoid due to lack of knowledge or overwhelm? Which is it?

The sooner you acknowledge this the better! 

Alright, let's dive into the meat and potatoes of this post. Here are 5 tips to boosting your productivity so that you can remove the overwhelm, get focused, be more productive and enjoy your life! 

  1. CHECK YOUR MINDSET - Do you have stinkin' thinkin'? Are you always telling yourself that there's not enough time in a day or that you'll never complete your tasks? Girl, if so, you better check yo' self before you wreck yourself! That's some major stinkin' thinkin' and it's gotta go! In order to be more productive, you gotta start with the right mindset that you CAN and WILL be productive by getting the most important things done for the day. Set yourself up for success by establishing and consistently doing a daily mindset practice. This could be journal writing, prayer/ meditation, EFT tapping, affirmations, mantras, and visualizations. Do whatever feels good to you and LIGHTS you up! Designate a minimum of 15 mins a day to this activity.

  2. TRACK YOUR TIME - Holy moly, every wonder where the hell the day has gone? I know I used to! It wasn't until I monitored where I was spending and literally wasting time that I was able to see how I could improve my productivity. I encourage you to use a time tracker such as Toggl. This program is free and works amazingly well. There's a desktop and mobile feature so you can never be without it. I recommend that you spend at minimum a week of tracking everything that you do in a day. Yes, that means when you shower, eat, sleep, get yourself dressed, business/life activities...you name it, track it! At the end of the week, look to see where you are wasting your time and eliminate the time suckers. Next look at your daily activities and see where you can shrink the time some. Perhaps you could delegate to someone else, outsource or hire help.

  3. DO A BRAIN PURGE - Do you try to keep everything you need to do in that pretty little head of yours? If so, I strongly recommend you write it down! There is NO way you can possibly remember everything. Not only that, it actually wastes your brains energy by trying to remember all of the tasks that you need to complete. Why burn your brain power? If you're a paper and pen kind of gal, then always carry a notebook with you. If you're a digital whiz, then utilize the Evernote, Google Doc, or a notepad on your computer, etc. There are MANY options for doing a dump into a notebook. Choose one that fits your lifestyle and be consistent. I usually do a brain purge at night before bed so that I can restfully sleep and then again in the afternoons when I have a swarm of ideas or to-dos from the daily grind that hit me with urgency. This helps me stay focused and prepared.

  4. OUTLINE YOUR SIX MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO - Have a list of 30 things to do? How many are an absolute must get done today task? I guarantee it's only a handful. Right? I have a unique way of organizing my tasks so that I can always be sure to do the ones that are most important and that are an income-producing activity (IPA). I organize my tasks into three categories: Faith, Family, and Business because I firmly believe that when my life operates in this order it's balanced. When it's not, I'm one hot mess! From there I break it into six most important things to do and that's what I work on daily. If my six tasks get done and I have more time, I can pull from my list after it's prioritized and tackle some more and if not, I'm perfectly fine with my six getting done and calling it quits.

I actually have an amazing resource for you that breaks down my process and I'd love for you to snatch it up! You can grab the Fearless Entrepreneur Day Planner by entering your name and email below. 

5. SCHEDULE YOUR TASKS - This may seem odd, but for me, if it's not scheduled with a time and a deadline it won't get done. I subconsciously have to tell myself that I have an appointment to do XYZ and it must get done during X timeframe. Seriously, without scheduling everything I can easily get sidetracked with life. I'm guessing you can relate. Therefore, use your Google calendar or some other task manager system that you like to schedule your tasks and send yourself reminders. I actually use my Passion Planner to schedule my tasks manually and then I add them to my calendar with reminders. I double up to ensure they will get done!

Bonus tip: I also incorporate a daily POWER HOUR that is scheduled. This has been amazing for my productivity not only for myself but also for my clients. They love it! The gist is you devote one full hour of your undivided attention to your IPAs. With it, you'll see that you hit your sales goals month after month and your business will see tremendous growth. In fact, one of my clients started doing a power hour consistently and she was able to double her income that month, host 4 online events, 4 in-person events and enroll 7 new customers with enrollment kits for her doTERRA business. Pretty incredible!  

I have another great FREE resource for you the Fearless Entrepreneur Power Hour. If you'd like to snag it you can do so by entering your information below! 

Alright, there you have it sista! Five easy peasy tips to tackling your productivity like a boss to get more done in your life and business. 

I would love for you to share in the comments below: What tip are you going to use to start tackling those to-dos and be more productive?