Are you wondering if starting a Facebook group is right for you?

Confused as to whether or not you need both a Facebook page and a group?

For starters, let's talk about what the difference is between a Facebook page and a Facebook group. A Facebook page can also be called a Fan Page, Like Page or Business Page. A Page is essentially your online proof that your business exists because it serves as an official profile. Much like your virtual "home." Also, a business can't have a Facebook page without a personal Facebook profile. A page is about making connections on Facebook and is not limited to your friend list. Essentially, it increases the potential of non-friends (aka "cold prospects") to find and follow you online. 

A Facebook page is reserved for businesses, public figures, brands or products, communities, organizations and other entities to create a public presence on online. Unlike your personal Facebook profile, a Facebook page is visible to everyone online automatically by default. Which means, you, and every other person on Facebook can connect to a Facebook page by becoming a fan to receive their updates in their newsfeed. By connecting, you're building the know, like, and trust factor with your followers on your page. 

A Facebook group is slightly different. Facebook groups are the place to be to communicate with other people who share common interests and express the same opinions as you. They allow people to virtually come together as a community around a common cause, issue or activity, to discuss issues, post photos or other relevant content, and share related content from online. A group is a "small town" community. 

The biggest difference between a Facebook page and a group is the ALGORITHM! A Facebook page has a complex algorithm that determines who and how many people will see your content. However, in a Facebook group, there's no algorithm. The community members will see the content if they scroll the newsfeed of the group. Therefore, there's a high chance that your dream clients will see your content in the group but not on your page. 

Another difference is that a Facebook page allows you to run ads whereas a group does not. As a business owner, at some point, you'll want to run Facebook ads to increase your reach and grow your business. That's a topic for another day, but just know that a group does not allow paid advertising; however, you can post a generic post with your own "promotion" or use the sell something feature on the posts to promote for free what you have to offer. 

In fact, a lot of my clients follow me on my Facebook page and in my group, Fearless Entrepreneurial Women, and several won't see the content I post to my Facebook page, but they'll see it in my group. Isn't that interesting?

You see, just because your tribe follows you on multiple platforms does not mean that they see them across the board. Don't be afraid to repurpose your content because it's unlikely that they'll see it on different platforms and if they do most don't mind. 

Why should you have a Facebook group? 

Here are ten benefits of having a Facebook group and why they ROCK for your business: 

  • Hello, expert status! - Immediately positions you as an expert, leader, and authority figure in your industry.

  • No Boys Allowed! - Your group = your rules. You set the tone for your community and can allow whomever and whatever you'd like in your community.

  • Time to PAR-TAY! - Ability to make your group the best place to hang out and party online. A safe place to let others see the real YOU and build the know, like, and trust factor quickly.

  • Can I have your autograph, please? - Say hello to raving fans and a hot spot for future clients. Whoop whoop! Your fans will rave about you in the community, and it'll be FREE marketing for you.

  • Can you help a sister out? - Offer online support and community for your ideal clients by answering questions, holding the space for them to be vulnerable, real, and raw.

  • Did you get your invite? - Ability to host challenges, do lives streams, promote whatever and whenever you like!

  • Got some Qs? - Ability to do market research and brainstorm ideas with your ideal client for freebies, training, courses, programs, and more.

  • Partners in Crime? - Ability to network, connect and collaborate with other leaders in the industry to get more visible or improve your skills.

  • The customer is always right! - Ability to provide some rock star customer service to your prospects and wow them in the process.

  • All eyes on you! - Um, there’s NO algorithm to beat! That means more eyes on your goods and the greater the chance of you signing your next client or connecting with an influencer in your industry.

As you can see, a Facebook group has several benefits and don't get me wrong so does a Facebook page. However, I do recommend that you have both platforms in your digital marketing strategy. Maybe not right away, but at some point, a Facebook group should be included. 

As a side note, I can tell you that 99% of my clients come from Facebook groups and a majority are from my personal community, Fearless Entrepreneurial Women. Groups are incredibly powerful and are a hot spot for your dream clients. I can build the know, like, and trust factor with prospects in my community faster than any other platform. 


I'm able to be ME! I am real, raw, and authentic. I share intimate details about my life and business in my community that I don't always share on other platforms. I'm able to support the members more to make an impact since they genuinely want to be there. I can build the know, like, and trust factor by answering questions, hosting training, doing live streams, and more. I make my group feel like a slumber party. We have fun, and it's all about community over competition. My community wouldn't be what it is without its members. They truly make it the best virtual club. 

Moreover, both have their perks and can help you significantly in your business. For example, both platforms allow you to: 

  • position yourself as an authority figure, leader, and expert

  • increase your reach so that you are getting in front of your tribe

  • increase your visibility online to get more eyes on your business

  • build the know, like, and trust factor with prospects

  • build a loyal following of your tribe

  • share valuable content that is relevant to your tribe

  • to organically promote your products or services to your tribe

  • sell your products or services to your tribe

  • make a greater impact on the lives of others

  • connect with prospects, industry leaders, and colleagues for collaborations

  • open the doors of opportunity for your business

Alright, in the comments below: Do you have a Facebook group? If not, what's holding you back from starting one? If so, what are you currently struggling with in regards to your Facebook group?