Are you wondering if now is a good time to scale your growing business? Perhaps you have gained some momentum but you’re still feeling uncertain if you should jump all in and give it a go. Yes?

I am often asked by my audience how does an entrepreneur or business know with certainty that it’s time to up-level their business. There are definitely some clear signs to help you determine when it is time that won’t keep you feeling in limbo as to whether or not you’re making the right move.

Let’s discuss my five proven signs it’s time to up-level your business so that it can grow and scale up!


If you have prospects coming to your business that are qualified leads but you don’t have the time and space to service them, it’s a problem. It’s a clear indication that you need to hire support to help your growing business so that you are able to serve the prospects that are coming to you. If not, they’ll go to your competitor and you’re out the money. You are literally losing money by turning down potential business.

If this is the case for you, it’s time to hire a team or think about outsourcing some of your work. You could even do a sub-contract with a colleague for services too that’ll help you balance the workload and allow you to continue to meet your clients needs.


If your clients are wanting more from you but you’re stretched too thin and are unable to deliver, then it’s a problem. You can’t provide stellar customer service to your clients if you’re a hot mess and putting out fires on a regular basis.

In this case, it’s also a clear sign that more support with a team or outsourcing work could benefit you greatly. You can’t be a one person show or have a minimal team forever and expect to keep up with the demands of your clients. At some point, they will get frustrated that their needs are’t being met. Then what? You guessed it. You’ll be fired and they’ll seek out a competitor that’ll meet their needs.


Has your lead generation skyrocketed with your pipeline of ready and wiling clients are waiting to work with you? Great! Having a significant increase with your qualified leads is wonderful.


Only IF you can service them!

This really ties into the first two points I noted. If you are turning down business opportunities, are stretched too thin, and aren’t able to meet the demands of your clients, then it’s a problem. This is another clear sign you need more support to avoid losing money and clients. Simple as that.


Are you achieving stretch goals quick than expected and almost effortlessly? Awesome! If your goals are no longer a stretch for you it’s a sign it’s time to scale. Scaling your business will allow you to do more, achieve more, and impact more lives.

It’s time to evaluate the vision and mission of your business so that you are able to create a new path for success that’ll push you out of your comfort zone and force you to grow through the process.


Has your business turned a profit year after year? Does the profit increase each year? Fabulous! This means you have a growing and profitable business. It’s by far NOT a hobby business and you’re well on your way to achieving what you desire.

Now is the time to consider if you need to hire more support, invest in a new marketing strategy, upgrade your technology, or whatever it is you feel your business needs. Do what you need to do for your business to consistently experience growth each year.

As you can see, there are some very clear signs that will indicate when it’s time to scale your growing business. Trust me, it can be scary to navigate in uncharted waters, but the best things in life are waiting for you outside of your comfort zone!

Share in the comments: Which of the five signs spoke to you about your business?