"Happiness is in the heart, not in the circumstances."

How does that quote make you feel? Can you relate?

This quote resonates with me greatly. For a long time, I believed my happiness derived from situations, material things, the approval of others and my feelings. What I learned to accept and understand was that I am the creator of my happiness. My friends, family, material things and circumstances were not what makes or breaks my happiness.

I struggled with looking elsewhere for happiness. How often do you go shopping to fill a void and then only to realize you feel even worse because now you spent the money?  Or how often have we thought our happiness was in the need to feel beautiful,  accepted or appreciated by others? I know I did.

Happiness comes from within and deep within your own heart. It's what moves you to live a life full of passion and purpose.  Happiness to you is completely different to another. It's unique because it's you to the core.

Truthfully, I used to get so upset when my husband would tell me that he wasn't in control of my happiness & that it comes from within. I can't tell you how many times he would tell me this...over and over and every time I would be upset.  I was upset because of my own limiting belief,  my own stories of life and circumstances that shaped the way I am.

I thought happiness was in the need to please others. Yes, I admit I am a people pleaser! The need to get the approval from others and to be accepted. It was my own lack of confidence and personal circumstances within my life that led me to believe that was what happiness was. It's no wonder I felt lost, insecure,  confused, and unfulfilled.  I was looking outwardly for happiness rather than looking inward.

It's sad when I think about it but it's also a valuable life lesson that I learned. We are always evolving and learning. We adapt, we change and we grow as time passes. My husband is a wise man. His words that I thought were a nagging voice in my head was really a "voice of reason". It forced me to take a good hard look in the mirror and do some soul searching. The end result was profound for me. It was a feeling of elation and it was so freeing. To not be stuck be this constant fear of feeling the need to please others, seek approval and acceptance to create my happiness was a phenomenal feeling to finally be able to let it go. 

I tell you ladies this because I hope that you can relate and that it hits home for you. I encourage you to take 15 minutes tonight to reflect on what makes you happy. Really do some soul searching. Happiness is not derived from things, the need for acceptance or approval. It comes from within. Write down descriptive words of what it feels like when you're happy. Think about your core values and beliefs. What are you passionate about? Jot it down, gain some clarity and focus on the possibilities of what and how your life could change from changing your limiting belief of what you think happiness is.

I am here if you need to discuss how to move past this limiting belief and work towards finding your true happiness. 💗 I believe in YOU!