Do you suffer from Analysis Paralysis when it comes to using your Google Analytics data to grow your traffic? 

The Google Analytics dashboard has so much data on it. And then when you start clicking around you find even more data and click a little more…even more data. You could literally spend all day digging through the numbers. But the whole point of analyzing your analytics is taking this information and doing something with it to improve and expand your traffic. 

Analytics are meant to improve decision making not cause you to get stuck putting off a decision. 

It is so easy to get stuck in the analyzing mode and not make a decision or take action. If you are afraid you are going to make the wrong decision or cost yourself rather than increase the traffic to your site. 

Not only can your analytics tell you about who is coming to your site, when they are visiting, and how long they are staying it can also give you ideas for improving and expanding your content. If you want to find what content is getting the most engagement google analytics will tell you. If you wonder what content you can use to create new content for your site the analytics will tell you. You can use your numbers to make informed content decisions for your blog, marketing, and social media. 

And the great thing is you don’t have to wait months or weeks you can use your Google Analytics to take action TODAY! 


Many times we go into our analytics to evaluate our efforts of getting visible online and if you aren’t open to being inspired you might get sucked into evaluating what you did right and wrong with your marketing. And this is exactly where paralysis comes in. 

Try to avoid looking at your numbers and data when you go in like they are the going to tell you, point blank, what the actions steps are that you need to do and be open to inspiration. 

Your analytics data will tell you what content on your site is popular so you can decide to expand upon it, update it or repurpose it to grow your traffic. You want to make sure your content is working for you and that you are creating more content that is like it because you know your audience is going to eat it up! 


Using these numbers will give you ideas for where to expand your website sharing strategy. Look for your top refers and reach out to the people who own the site and suggest a guest post idea. The visitors of their site are already interested in what it is you are saying so increase the relationship by adding more. 

Want more ideas for where you share your content and drive traffic to your site? Look for other opportunities to guest post, for collaboration projects and opportunities to share your old blog posts on social media. 

The other side of the coin? Let’s say you’ve been working really hard to drive traffic from a particular social media network, you can decide if the impact your effort has been making is worth the effort you’ve put in by reviewing your data. It may be time to put your effort into a platform, collaboration or guest posting opportunities that are driving traffic and showing you that your efforts are paying off. 

Your analytics are here to help support your marketing efforts and give you a peek into what is working and what isn’t working so you can create a plan moving forward. 


We already touched on this above but don’t get yourself stuck in the decision making cycle. I’ve been stuck before, staring at my analytics wishing it would let me in on the secret about how to drive traffic. What am I supposed to do? 

I probably sat there for an afternoon starting at clicking around wishing I knew what to do. After getting some advice from my support network I realized how getting stuck there wasn’t going to do anything to help me grow my traffic and I needed to make a decision. 

How was I going to move forward? What small step needs to happen next? I didn’t want to get too overwhelmed with the process while I was coming out of paralysis mode so I took it baby step by baby step. 


After you’ve gone through and analyzed your data the time has come to make a decision. This is the most important step. The decision to take action and see how it goes. You have three choices for action based on what your Google Analytics tells you:

  • no action (actively choosing rather than passively doing nothing) 
  • improving
  • expanding 

You may decide to do nothing that is if you are spending some time gathering data after making a change. Because things with the internet aren’t always immediate you may want to wait to take action until a little more data comes in. 

You may decide you need to improve your website based on what the data says. Things like adding information to landing pages to let people know things that will keep them clicking around your site. 

You may decide you need to expand your promotion efforts and get referrals through collaborations with other online business owners or brands. 

Don’t let fear hold you back from doing something with your analytics, the only bad decision is allowing paralysis to take over and not actually making an active decision. 

Bonus tip: Pretending you're fascinated with your analytics as the reason you spend hours trying to make a decision still is you not taking action. I am very guilty of this one. I love reviewing my numbers and analyzing what people are coming to my site, what they are looking at and how long they are there…however, sometimes I hide in this place of learning rather than making a decision because it seems easier, but it still isn’t making a decision and it is still holding you back. 

Comment below: What is one step you're committed to making to get a handle on your website analytics? 

Author Bio

Michaela Hoffman is a brand designer, web developer, and content marketer for online service providers who want to create a lead generating online presence.  She helps women who are struggling to gain visibility online build a strong and cohesive web presence that attracts their dream clients through personalized consulting that focuses on strategy and action.  

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