Struggling to create a freebie or lead magnet that builds your list?

Tired of hearing that the money is in the list and you don't even know where to begin?

Girrrl,  I got you!

Not long ago I struggled with creating an epic freebie and building a list that I could nurture, build a relationship with and eventually convert into raving fans. 

There are five key pieces to mastering your email marketing, and they are: 

  1. Create an epic freebie.

  2. Create a welcome series for subscribers.

  3. Create captivating subject lines to increase your open rates.

  4. Create branded emails.

  5. Create a content calendar.

Let's get down to business and discuss how to master your email marketing!


Part of mastering your email marketing is creating a freebie that blows their socks off because it's so fantastic and jam-packed full of valuable content. You want your lead to be thinking - WOW! If this is what she delivers for free, then I can only imagine what you get when you work with her. 

Here's the scoop, your freebie should do the following:

  • Solve a problem (pain point)

  • Satisfy a need/desire (pleasure point)

  • Inspire your ICA

  • Help brainstorm ideas

The freebie can be in the form of an eBook, workbook,  PDF, checklist, video series, and an audio training, etc. This is where you can truly let your creativity fly! The possibilities are endless! 

Not sure what to create as a freebie? There are four questions to ask yourself to help generate some ideas around what to create for a freebie to build your list:

  1. What's the #1 question you're always being asked?

  2. What is the topic of your most engaged blog post(s)?

  3. What is your zone of genius?

  4. What pain/problem are you always trying to help or solve?

The key to growing your list is to start with an epic freebie that is:

  • tailored to your ICA’s needs, wants, and desires

  • generous with its valuable content

  • easy to sign up, receive, and download

  • FREE but could be sold as a passive income stream (ka-ching!)


When I started my business and created my first freebie, I had NO idea what I was doing or even what was needed. I was told to create a freebie and start a list.

Cool, now what?

Little did I know that there were steps to the process that I simply didn’t do because let’s be real, I didn’t know I needed them. Gulp!

What was one of those simple steps I overlooked? It was creating a welcome series to welcome my new subscribers. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Why is a welcome series necessary?

It's the first friendly exchange between you, your business, and a new subscriber. It also sets the tone for future communications and encourages the new subscribers to engage with your business, and it increases the average read rate by 42% (Source: Return Path)

What are the essential elements of a good welcome series? Here are 15 key elements to creating an outstanding welcome series:

  1. Make it automatic

  2. Clear and engaging subject line

  3. Warm and welcoming intro with their name

  4. Outline the perks of being on your list

  5. Ask them to ask your email to their safe list

  6. Add an unsubscribe link

  7. Offer a gift

  8. Offer an incredible deal only for them

  9. Graphics that pop and evoke emotion

  10. Provide value in each email

  11. Clear and concise CTA

  12. Ask for referrals for new subscribers

  13. Get social with social share buttons

  14. Be mobile friendly

  15. Have 7-8 emails in the sequence


What's the secret to having better open rates for your list?

It's creating a headline that forces your ICA to stop, open up the email, and read!

In my experience, I have found that when I use the following in my email subject lines that my open rates and engagement are a lot higher. 

  • Numbers, facts or figures

  • "How to”

  • Guarantee or promise

  • Thought provoking question or statement

  • Reason and Why

  • If and Then

  • "Ruffle the feathers" (ie. I HATE the Coaching Industry!)

  • Use Emojis

As a side note, a "good" average open rate is 20%. If you're above the average open rate, then you're doing better than most. If you're under the average, then you should consider the type of content you're sharing as well as taking a look at the subject line. The subject line is the #1 thing that will get your subscribers to open up. If it's not captivating enough, then they won't waste their time. 


Part of mastering your email marketing is to have a branded email.  Say what? I can't tell you how many emails I have gotten that wasn't branded and left me wondering who the flip they were from. Guess what? I unsubscribed. 

Why does having a branded email matter?

  • Provides a great 1st impression

  • Provides a professional image

  • Provides brand awareness

  • Builds the know, like, and trust factor

  • Establishes credibility

  • Better open rates, click rates and fewer unsubscribes

What is a branded email? It is an email that is designed to match your branding. It can include your name, logo, photos, branding colors, and fonts. 

You can see why something so simple is often overlooked.  If your followers don't recognize the email,  have no idea who it's from, or it's just generic,  do you think they're gonna stick around? Ummm, nope!

Therefore it is so important to brand your email! You'll have better open rates, higher click rates and fewer unsubscribes. Win-win, eh?


Are you wondering why your open rates are low and your unsubscribes are high?

Listen up buttercup; consistency is key! If you email your list 1x a month and it's completely random, and the topic is dull, do you think they're going to stay around? Nope! 

What can you do to ensure your subscribers are nurtured and engaged?

Utilize a content calendar!

This thing is like GOLD! Plan out your entire month or several months to get yourself organized and consistent. You want your emails to flow and make sense. 

Why is a content calendar so spectacular?

  • Positions you as the expert

  • Saves you time

  • Gets you organized

  • Consistency

  • Ability to repurpose content

  • Plan for promotions, launches, etc.

I recommend planning out at least a month worth of content that includes: newsletters, blog posts, social media, and promotions.  The result? You'll be more organized, and your business will be more streamlined and systematic. Allowing for you to take time off while the moola still rolls in!

Alright, I would love it if you would share in the comments below: What is your #1 struggle when it comes to your email marketing?