Do you feel invisible online?

Wondering why you do not see any reward for your efforts except for hearing "crickets"?

When I was starting out in my business, my marketing was all over the place. No lie. I remember expressing this frustration with my coach and felt like I was wasting all of this time posting in various Facebook groups, but wasn't seeing the results. It frustrated the hell out of me! Especially when I knew that I had a limited number of days to hit my goal.

Why wasn't I getting noticed?

Quite honestly, it boiled down to a few different things:

  • I didn't have my ideal client identified.

  • I wasn't hitting their pain point.

  • I wasn't using their language to attract them to me.

  • I wasn't consistent with my posting.

  • I didn't have a content strategy in place.

Knowing I had a goal to ditch my "9-5" within 90 days from starting my business, I knew I needed to make some changes. What did I do? I first got crystal clear on who it was that I was meant to serve. Knowing I wanted to help women in business between the ages of 25-45 wasn't good enough. I needed to get down to the nitty-gritty details of my dream client I needed CLARITY! 

Once I identified my ideal client, my dream clients were flocking to me. It was a dream come true! By taking that first step to hone in on my target market and niche, it allowed me to quit as planned and position myself as an expert.

Here are a few quick tips for identifying your ideal client so that you can hone in on your messaging: 

  • Determine the non-negotiables when it comes to any client you service. What are the absolute must-have characteristics they should have in order to say yes to working with someone? Think of these non-negotiables as the core values and beliefs of your dream client. They will not change from client to client because this is the core of your dream client. Have a minimum of five to start and you can always build on it once you gain more clarity.

  • Create an ideal client dream board. Think about what your dream client looks like, her relationship status, lifestyle, location, education, hobbies, interests, challenges, and more. Utilize a dream board to make her come to life so that when you're creating content you can look at the dream board to get inspired. 

  • Create a story that your ideal client has about their pain point. Close your eyes and envision the life that your dream client has. Once you have a clear picture create a story around it. What does a day in the life of your dream client look like? Creating a compelling story around your dream client will help make them more real. 

    Why? Because this will allow you to visualize who your exact dream client is, how she looks, her likes, dislikes, etc. It'll enable you to identify with their pain/pleasure point on a deep level so that when crafting your unique message it hits them to their core.

    You're on a mission to understand your ideal client. The more in tune with them that you are the better your messaging will be.

Identifying your ideal client is one piece to the puzzle and lays the foundational work for what's next. The next piece to the puzzle was defining who I was as the EXPERT within my target market and niche.

Here's the deal, your ideal client is looking for a specific person. It doesn't matter that there are hundreds or even thousands of people that sell the same product or service as you. She's looking for YOU! Your story, background, style, and vibe will attract your tribe. 

To help provide some clarity around positioning yourself as an expert, journal the following questions. This is how you can OWN IT, girlfriend! YOU are an EXPERT! 

  • Who do I need to BE in order to help change my client's life with my products/services?

  • Who do I need to BE in order to gain their trust?

  • What do I need to DO so that they choose me over someone else?

  • How do I need to FEEL as I build a relationship and connect with them?

  • Why am I the bomb diggity and that working with me is a unique experience?

    • Expert tip: Continue to build your list on a regular basis.

The final piece to the puzzle to mastering my message was coming to terms with my story, embracing, and sharing it. Having come from a corporate background, sharing anything significant about my personal life was frowned upon. Therefore, when I took to the online space for business I struggled to share my story and share it with all of my sass and spunk. I wrote as if I was still in Corporate America and I insisted I didn't have a story to share. Boy, was I wrong and I'll be the first to admit it but I was. 

Here's the kicker, the more YOU that you let your ideal client see, the more relatable you become. YOU need to be authentically and unapologetically YOU. No more snooze-fest as they read your posts that look just like everyone else's. Um, hello....BORING...let me just scroll past this lame post...Be YOURSELF and BOOM! You're now in the spotlight!

Listen, no one can do you better than YOU. Be real, raw, and vulnerable. Let others see your quirky, spunky and sassy self. Share your know, the good, bad and even the ugly. The message behind the story is more important than the feelings you'll have about sharing it. Trust me, it'll be worth it! 

To help you identify some powerful and noteworthy stories to share, journal the following questions: 

  • What has happened in the past that would be relevant and relatable to my ideal client?

  • What challenges or struggles have I gone through and have overcome?

  • What is unique about me that other's would find interesting?

  • What am I passionate about that likes me up like a firecracker on the fourth of July?

  • What have I celebrated in the past or recently that would be relevant or relatable to my ideal client?

Once you work through these 3 key components you'll be able to create a content marketing strategy as the next piece to the puzzle. No more just winging it! It's time for a serious plan of action to getting insanely visible and in front of your dream clients. 

Share in the comments below: What is your #1 struggle when it comes to mastering your message online?