How to stay focused and create success with simple, daily action steps!

The beginning of a business is fun and full of promises. We get super excited, we've never been so motivated! Then, comes the launch phase. Our stuff is SO GOOD, everyone is going to buy and we'll be an exception to the average success rate.

It is time...we launch.

Nothing. Some open rates, a few engagements, mostly from our friends and family who want to encourage us.

Why? How?

I built 2 businesses before I was 25. One as a wedding planner in Montreal, and my second one as a business coach. The hardest part for both of them was the middle: the time between the launch and consistent clients. It is so hard to keep going and to stay focused. We tend to look at others, to compare ourselves. Somehow, even though WE KNOW other success people went through the same things, we think they were an overnight success.

To build momentum and success, consistency is key. So how can you stay focused and create success with simple, daily action step?


I often say you don't need to do anything you don't feel aligned with, in your business. Except for mindset. If you don't a mindset routine, you are losing big time on increasing your productivity and joy.

Build yourself a mindset routine, whether it's through journaling, daily affirmations, giving yourself motivational speech in the mirror. You will soon see a major shift.


Fix your eyes on what you love in your life. Stop complaining about what is wrong. It doesn't serve you, you can't control it. It's pointless.

A gratitude journal would be a great idea to build a positive mind. Every morning and evening, write down 3 things you love about your life and 3 things you loved about your day. Be grateful for every little thing that is good. Being a business owner is hard enough. Don't make it worse!


At first, you won't have a team who re-purposes your content and who does all of the behind the scenes stuff. You will need a solid workflow to be productive. Close your social media platforms, and focus. Dedicating 1 day for your content creation will really help you to create quality content, it will help you be more efficient with your time, and you won't have to stress out, every day, to come up with something.

Here's mine, step by step:

  1. Every year, I make my plan and schedule what do I want to launch and when.

  2. I establish monthly themes according to my launch. I am in the middle of the launch of my mindset self-study ecourse about resilience and perseverance. For January and February, my content talks about resilience and perseverance. I want to launch a group program later this year, 1 month prior to the launch, I will start talking about tips and tricks around the topics I coach in the program.

  3. I built a weekly workflow that works for me.

Mondays & Tuesdays: create content for the next week + schedule it.

  • I write my blog posts

  • I re-purpose my blog posts on social media posts

  • I re-purpose my blog posts & social media posts into emails

  • I create my graphics

  • I schedule my blog posts, my posts in my group, my emails and my pins on Pinterest

  • I write my posts that I publish in other groups, same for Instagram, so I can just copy/paste & engage 15-20 minutes/day

I am more productive in the morning and between 3 and 5 pm to write content.

You need to find the flow that works for you and have a well-established plan to do so. That way, I don't miss anything and I keep growing my engagement and numbers every day.


Some days, we don't want to work. We feel discouraged and tired. Although rest is good to recharge your batteries, it shouldn't be an excuse to not do the work.

By creating a simple workflow that works for you, little by little, your list will grow, your group will grow, your community will grow. Before you know it, your first, then second, then the third and fourth client will come to you.


Resilience is a big topic for me. You can plan & set goals, but don't hang on too tight to the results. Leave space for opportunities, stay flexible. Let go of what you can't control, and accept where you are right now. The mindset work will help you with that.

To be honest, some days, the only thing I do is post. I don't have a team yet, so during my days off, I take 30 minutes out of my day to post and engage. But these consistent daily steps help me to stay focused. I see my business growing. Sometimes, I am even in my PJs in front of Gilmore Girls.


I used to bend over backward for my clients. Replying to emails at 9 pm and on weekends. Somehow, I was scared of them not liking me anymore. But it's crazy! I preach on boundaries and that your business should serve your life, not the other way around.

I only want calls in the morning, 3 times/week, and I love having my Mondays and Fridays blocked off to see my friends, work on my future programs and on the homework my own coach gives me. When I'm in a launch or when I open private coaching spots, I will open 2 afternoons, but with very limited time.

I don't schedule, post or reply during the week-end.

I only open my social media and emails 3 times/day to post, reply and engage. I spend a total time of 30-45minutes/day on 3 platforms: Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. 20-30minutes/day answering emails. That's it.

I cut social media from my life because I tend to do the comparison game and that's not good. I prefer trying out recipes and reading during my spare time (and re-watch Gilmore Girls over and over and over again.

These are all simple, daily action steps you can take to move forward without stressing out. Once you did what you needed to do, you put in place your blog, social media posts, or anything you needed, trust in what you've achieved and that the right people will come to you.

Share in the comments: What action steps are you comitted to taking to stay focused and productive?

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Leïla is a business strategist. She helps female entrepreneurs create the perfect roadmap to build their amazing business around their lives, and not the other way around!

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