New Year New You. Do you ever feel mocked by it all? Endless social media posts, videos, classes, groups…. It’s enough to make you scream! Why do you think so many people are desperate to create something new in the first place? Are they dissatisfied with their lives, their bodies, their friends, their activities, and actions? Let’s be honest, if you really started to dig into that question, where does it all stem from?

Well based on my life experiences I think I know. At its core, all of it stems from this… MINDSET. Yes, I know a tired word that has been over used and abused even by all of the personal development gurus, endless coaches, and mentors, classes and events. So what does it all mean?

For me it is a little different than just MINDSET. I have a few foundational things that have allowed me to create an environment of growth, joy and success. So a little about me. I am 44 years old, a wife and mother of three. I had my first baby at 16 years old. By the time I was 19 I had two kids, and by 21 I was an uneducated (meaning no college education) single teen mom of two toddlers. I was single for a little over 6 years before I met my husband (of 17 years). Together we had my third baby. Today they are 27, 25 and 15 respectively. Let me tell you, when you are broke, alone and have babies depending on you, you don’t have time to contemplate MINDSET and the philosophical ponderings of this life. You have to be in constant action to provide, take care of and create a future for those little people in your care. Personal development wasn’t even something that I knew about. The one thing I did have was faith, my love of reading and a BIG dream.

In times of loneliness, fear, and hopelessness, I would turn to the words in the Bible. I would read and believe what those words said about me and my future. I truly found hope and belief that my future was going to be better than my past. Even when I wasn’t 100% certain of the direction I felt God was calling me into, I knew if I kept walking I would get SOMEWHERE, and He would bless me somehow someway. I always felt God would not have created me with such BIG dreams and desires if he didn’t want me to act upon them. So over and over in my life, I have chosen the paths less traveled. I chose the roads that others warned me about. I chose the direction that my loved ones promised would end in disaster or disappointment. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t surrounded by jerks or anything. The things people were saying was heartfelt. They only wanted what they thought was best for me and my kids.

But the only thing that ever felt right or that felt in alignment with who I WAS was to take these risks. I never really felt like they were risks. I have always felt the biggest risk was doing NOTHING and ending up stuck in the same place. To me, THAT felt like a disaster and even failure.

I knew the word of God said He would “bless the work of my hands” – Deut. 28:12. I knew that it said He “plans to prosper me and not to harm me”- Jer. 29:11.

I knew that it said, “He did not give me a spirit of timidity, but of power, of love and self-discipline” – 2 Tim 1:7. I knew He told me that “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, think on these things”.  I felt God had created me to be BOLD and walk into the scary places so I could show others that He was with me through it all and that anything was possible. I wanted to show this to the world, and even more to my kids, who I knew were watching my every move.

As a result, I went HARD at any on all of my goals. I worked hard and sacrificed things in the moment for the vision of a better future. My first goal was to get through cosmetology school while working full-time as a single mom. After a LOT of long days, I did that. My next goal was to build a clientele standing behind the chair, so I could quit my job at night. Accomplished! My next goal, after 10 years of hair & make-up, was to replace my income and work from home. This is another wonderful accomplishment that I am proud to say I achieved. I have been able to create a 7-figure income and live out many of my dreams and I have learned so many wonderful lessons along the way. One of my current goals is to impact as many lives as possible with the lessons I have been lucky enough to learn.

So…. New Year New You. My take on that is that it doesn’t take a new year, it takes a new mindset. How do you do that? How do you create a new and lasting mindset that will allow you to accomplish more this year?

  1. Mind Your Mind – We are being overloaded with information all day every day. You have to be very specific and intentional about what you are feeding your mind. I limit the amount of news I watch and I overload myself with positive messages. I listen to podcasts, watch videos and read books that add value to my life. Even the music you listen to is feeding information to your brain.

  2. Decide – No matter what the goal is, the first step is always a decision. I am talking about a stubborn rebellious resolve, that no matter what opposition you will face, you will continue UNTIL. I am fueled by the doubts and disbelief of others. I LOVE proving others wrong. There is something deeply gratifying about choosing a path that others are afraid of. Until you really decide, you’ll continue on the hamster wheel.

  3. On Purpose, With A Purpose – Every single day you must do things that will take you one step further. You may have to create a new social group, attend new events, start new conversations and create new habits. You cannot just float along every day like a piece of driftwood down a stream. You have to be specific and intentional in all of your interaction and activities daily if you want to maintain the necessary mindset.

  4. Cannonball – When really making changes, I have found that until you go ALL in, you’ll never create enough inertia to make it happen. You need to be brave and bold and JUMP into the activities that will create movement.

  5. Thick Skin Soft Heart – As an ambitious, rebellious, woman of faith, I have learned one very important trait. GRACE! I strive every day to allow immediate forgiveness of others, their opinions, their harsh words and negativity. I work to be un-offendable. The offense does NOT serve me in reaching my goals. It is, in my opinion an attempt from the enemy of your soul to slow you down and keep you stuck. My goal is to have a thick skin and not allowing others to harm me, but maintain my love and grace toward them. This has brought me tremendous peace and power, as I always know I am the only one responsible for my feelings.

Tell us in the comments below: How to do you manage your mindset?

Author Bio


Michelle’s is a true story of overcoming. She has fought her way through obstacles and trials and built a life of faith and freedom.

She became a mom at the young age of 16. By 21 she was divorced with two small children. After 6 years of being a single mom, the family of three grew when Michelle met the love of her life, Bobby.

In 2003 Michelle began her network marketing career. She quickly found a solution to her ambition and passion in the profession. She has built teams into the tens of thousands. She has worked as part of the corporate team for a network marketing company, as a field trainer and on the marketing team. In 2010 Bobby and Michelle Co-Founded their own network marketing company. Michelle served as Co-Founder and President but that dream ended in late 2012.

The result of this loss forced them to start all over again, one more time. With nothing left but faith and hope, they built their business from scratch into a seven-figure income. Her faith is strong and has carried her through the trials she has faced.

In 2017 she started The Souled Out Entrepreneur Podcast, it was born from her passion to teach and train the profession she loves; and do it totally unfiltered, sharing her faith boldly as part of her story. She hopes to plant and water seeds of faith, share the trials and obstacles she has endured and overcome and teach the strategies and techniques that have created financial freedom for her family.

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