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I’ll be honest and tell you that I’m not looking for the client who thinks that I’m the solution to all of their problems. I don't have a magical potion for you to drink so that their business will take off. For real though...sorry, not sorry.

I’m looking for the fearless entrepreneur who knows she has what it takes to create a successful business, but realizes that in order to achieve all that she desires, she’s going to need some TLC, support and guidance from a coach who has been there and done it before. 

The woman I have in mind is so not thrilled with her business being stagnant, is ready for a change and some massive success. She understands that this is an investment, but knows that it is necessary in order to make her goals, dreams and desires a reality.

If you're fed up with watching other people's businesses take off, while you're barely staying afloat and wondering where to start, I want to help you skyrocket your success and create some serious growth in your business. I truly want to support you in creating not only a successful and profitable business, but a lifestyle that encompasses your core values and desires. You can have it all: Faith, Family and Business. Let me show you how!

Working with me is NOT for you if: 

  • You're not sure if you want to create a business or what business you would like to start.
  • You're not a Christian.
  • You like to stay frustrated without seeing results and feeling like a sleazy car salesman as you work your business.  
  • You're a negative person and believe the world is against you. Sorry, no Negative Nancy's allowed in my inner circle. 
  • You think that I'm a therapist. Sorry, but not sorry...I do not hold a degree for this. 
  • You're looking for some magic formula or portion to success. Sorry, I have no magic pill or potion for you. 
  • You're not ready to take responsibility for your life and business. 
  • You don't have the time or energy to commit to doing the work necessary. This is just an excuse...
  • You're looking for a quick fix without putting in the time and effort. Yeah, I can't help you...
  • You want to do it all alone. Really? You can do it alone, but it'll take you A LOT longer to get there! 
  • You're not ready to make the investment yourself, your business, and your future. 
  • You're not interested in making a difference in others lives. We are here to serve others and share our gifts. Being selfish is not for me or my clients. 

Working with me IS for you if:


  • You're in business but aren't achieving the success you desire. 
  • You are a Christian.  
  • You want to feel fulfilled and live your life full of passion and purpose. 
  • You know you're destined for divine greatness.
  • You desire FREEDOM! Freedom from time, money and stress. 
  • You desire a business that encompasses your core values and beliefs: Faith, Family, and Business. 
  • You're ready to have your ideal clients to flock to you effortlessly!
  • You desire the support and guidance of someone who's been there and done it before! 
  • You understand the importance of investing in yourself and don't view it as "spending". 
  • You're ready to learn and implement what it takes to be successful. 
  • You're ready to be fearless!
  • You know it's going to take hard work, thick skin and determination, but you have a vision of what your life and business will look like when you achieve the success you desire. Woo hoo! 



Note: All of the above is totally ok and I will hold absolutely no judgments against you if that's you. However, it just means that we are not a perfect fit in terms of working together. I know a TON of coaches who may be a better fit for you, and am always willing to pass on some names of other fabulous coaches. I promise there's no hard feelings. I would actually be doing a disservice to you if we worked together. So trust me, this is for the best! 


This short-term program is for the fearless entrepreneur who's ready to take action and see some amazing things happen in her business. 

We'll get crystal clear on who it is that you're meant to serve, get you visible, and create a detailed action plan that'll seriously set you up for some mega success in your business. 

Now is the time to take action, invest in yourself and get the results you desire to courageously flourish in your business!

1:1 Coaching Programs

This long-term program is for the fearless and extremely ambitious woman who's ready to move the needle of success in her business.

You're tired of playing by everyone else's rules and are ready to grow your business on YOUR own terms. You're ready to toss the cookie-cutter approach and be authentically YOU to build the business of your dreams! 

You are not satisfied with being in the same place 4 weeks to 4 months from now.  You realize that something has got to give and that investing in yourself and your business is the golden ticket you've been hoping to find!

You're ready to take some massive action to push yourself beyond what you think you can do to achieve all that you truly desire. You are ready, willing and able to be living your dream life!