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 Styled Photoshoot compliments of Mindy Abbeduto of  Minderella Designs & Events

Styled Photoshoot compliments of Mindy Abbeduto of Minderella Designs & Events

Ready to ditch the social media overwhelm and reclaim your sanity?

Listen, I know you're super busy and perhaps digital marketing isn't your jam; which is why you're looking for some additional marketing support. Right?

I want you to know that I totally understand what you're your going through and how you feel. I have coaching clients that want to learn how to master their marketing so that they can DIY but I also know there are lovely ladies, like you, that would rather hand it over to a professional who totally geeks out over this sort of thing.

It is TIME to get increase your online exposure so that you can generate more qualified leads in your business and increase your sales, profits, and impact!

The big question is, how can I help you? 

I have outlined a few packages that will help, you, as a small business owner navigate the online world with ease! With my guidance and unique strategy, you can create a robust online presence, attract quality leads, convert them into paying clients, and make one helluva impact on the world where you can leave a legacy that you can be proud of for years to come.

I am passionate about helping others position themselves as an expert online by leveraging the power of marketing. As a marketing strategist, I walk my clients through my simple process to creating a content marketing strategy that allows them to stand out from the crowd, position themselves as an expert, attract their dream clients, and make more sales. 

Together we will discuss your vision, determine your goals, and co-create a strategy to get you and your business results fast! We'll also review industry standard conversions and strive to meet or exceed those expectations so that we can get you the best possible ROI. 

If you're sooo over social media, then you've come to the right place!

I love all things to do with business, especially if it involves marketing and sales strategies. I can absolutely help you achieve your goals one unicorn strategy at a time.

Take a look below at my current packages because this eager beaver is excited to get started! 



$397 USD


  • Review of ONE social media platform or sales page
  • Outline of three areas for improvement in your current marketing message based on the social media platform or sales page of your choice 
  • 30-min call to discuss how to improve your marketing message and turn your weaknesses into your strengths

Benefits of this service:

  • improve your marketing message to attract quality leads where they're saying "hell yes" to working with you and you're making bank
  • tweak your marketing strategy for consistency to nurture your audience and strengthen relationships so that you can increase your conversion rates


$897 USD


  • 90-min 1:1 private virtual session via Zoom to receive my guidance, support, and expertise while we dive head first into content marketing
  • Customized content marketing strategy to get you insanely visible and attract quality leads, like yesterday
  • Plan content for the entire year and never have to second guess what to post on social media, blog or newsletter ever again
  • 48-hr email support following the private virtual intensive for additional TLC to answer any questions you may have

Benefits of this service:

  • position yourself online as an authority figure, leader, and an expert in the industry so that you can attract your ideal audience and make bank
  • establish a strong online presence that builds authority and credibility so that you can be seen, known, and heard in the noisy online marketplace
  • save your sanity from trying to figure it out on your own to determine when, where, and how often to post so that you can focus on serving your clients
  • ditch the overwhelm with drying to determine what type of content will captivate your audience so that you can build a loyal relationship
  • have a strategy that builds rapport, credibility, and expert status so that you can create a strong online presence that builds a loyal community of raving fans


$1,697 USD


  • Customized social strategy to increase your organic reach, drive traffic, and attract quality leads for conversion
  • Original content for 2 platforms (not to exceed 40 posts/mo) to get you visible and build rapport with your audience
  • Curated content (not to exceed 20 posts/mo) to showcase that you're up to date on the latest trends in the industry
  • Social media content scheduling via a 3rd party application of your choice for posting consistency
  • Monthly email with a review of analytics to highlight what is or isn't working with the strategy because the numbers don't lie
  • Receive up to 10 hours of marketing consulting with the done-for-you marketing services outlined above to help you keep your sanity and ditch the overwhelm

Benefits of this service:

  • eliminate the feelings of overwhelm of trying to do all the things so that you can focus on what you do best, serving your clients
  • stop feeling frustrated with trying to figure out what to post to engage your audience so that you can create a community of raving fans
  • save time from trying to work outside of your zone of genius so that you can spend more time with your family
  • delegate tasks to a trusted professional that'll get you results and give you peace of mind so that you can avoid being on the verge of burnout
  • stay consistent with your online marketing so that you can attract, engage, and convert more of your audience while you create memories with your family

Note: If you desire more support than outlined above or are interested in additional services, then I encourage you to book a Marketing Consultation to discuss a customized package that fits with your goals, budget, and needs.

Now that you know how I can best serve you with my fabulous packages, let's see if working together is a perfect fit!

Book a Marketing Consultation to explore how I can help you create a strong online presence, stay consistent with your marketing efforts, and attract leads to your business so that you can be making bank with your business.