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Hey girl, heyyy! So you're looking for some amazing FREE resources, right? Girrrl, you came to the right place! 

I know how important it is to be feel fully supported while on this roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship as well as wish there were resources that I could learn from to help me propel my business forward. 

I was YOU not long ago. 

I was a course junkie and freebie hoarder. I bootstrapped every single thing I could in my business in order to have a larger ROI. And I am beyond grateful for those free resources that have helped me tremendously in my business. They were instrumental in part of the success that I've had. 

Therefore, I want to pass on some incredibly useful, delightfully amazing and high value resources to you for FREE! 

Fearless Entrepreneurial Women Facebook Group

A free online community where women can get visible, be profitable, and make an impact.

Resource Library

A resource library that is full of downloadable resources to help you within your business.


1:1 Coaching Session

A 30-minute Coaching Session to tackle your #1 problem that you're having with visibility, sales, marketing, social media, mindset and more! Receive clarity, direction and detailed action steps to move forward and get unstuck!



Note: The masterclass listed below was previously recorded in the Fearless Entrepreneurial Women Facebook Group. Any mention of a special offer is no longer valid. The material provided is strictly for educational purposes and no guarantees can be made to the results that you'll achieve from implementing any strategies discussed. Each individual’s business success depends on her background, dedication, desire, and motivation, and a whole host of additional factors.


How I Booked my First High End Client as a New Coach While Working Full Time as a New Mom

Recorded on October 6, 2016

Training Series

Influential Visibility Series

Video Training hosted by Michaela Hoffman and Kayla Brissi

Register HERE to receive the training videos as part of the Influential Visibility Series


In the Trenches MBA

Video Training hosted by Brook Borup of My Clone Solution 

Register HERE to watch 70+ training videos as part of the In the Trenches MBA

Video Interviews

Servant Leaders Sales Interview Series 

Video Interview with Kate Boyd 


Picking up the Pieces Telesummit

Video Interview with Jasmine Tosseth-Smith

Register HERE to see the other inspiring videos in the Picking up the Pieces Telesummit


Supermom Success Series

Video Interview with Tanya Lochner

Register HERE to see the other interviews as part of the Supermom Success Series


Mom's Creating Miracles Summit

Video Interview with Carrie Anne Killeen


Master Mompreneuring Video Series

Video Interview with Allie Davis

Register HERE to see the other interviews as part of the Master Mompreneuring Video Series


Global Business Moms Summit: Get Out of the Rat Race and Build an Online Business from Home while enjoying your Freedom and Family

Video Interview with Kawtar Najjar

Register HERE to see the other interviews as part of the Global Business Moms Summit


Amazing Women of Influence Summit [COMING SOON!]

Video Interview with Serena Carcasole


Empowered Mom Conference [COMING SOON!]

Video Interview with Tanya Lochner

Podcast Interviews

Christian Women in Business Podcast Episode #7

Podcast Interview with Sarah-Jane Meeson from Christian Women in Business 


Your Life Rocks: Life Balance for Christian Working Moms Podcast Episode #85

Podcast Interview with Jenny Stemmerman from Your Life Rocks

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