Are you tired with getting mediocre results for your hard work?


You're overwhelmed by trying to figure out what to do next and in desperation you've opted-in to every freebie, webinar, or free training possible but to your dismay you were left not knowing how to move forward. 

You've likely heard every expert telling you to do it this one way and it'll be a gold mine, but all it did was leave your head spinning with overwhelm. 

You've taken every course out there to try and get ahead, but all it did was leave you more dazed and confused with no real guidance on what to do next.

You've spent hundreds or even thousands on books, courses or programs that promised to help you move forward in your business but they fell short. 

Do these sound like you? Can you relate? 

Do you wish you someone handed you a step-by-step guide to building a profitable and thriving business? 

Listen, here me out for a hot second.


All of the books, freebies, webinars, free training, and more are nothing more than a manual that you are left having to decipher.

Let's be honest, those types of support can provide you some pearls of wisdom; however, they will NEVER provide you the guided step-by-step support that you receive from working with a mentor that will help you create the life you desire and a profitable business that you dream of. 

Girrrl, trust me I get it. The struggle is real! 

Which is why I created the Glitter & Grit Mastermind. 

The Glitter & Grit Mastermind is not like the others. It is truly unicorntastic!

I will be combining all of my knowledge, skills, and expertise from my MBA finance, B.S. Accounting, B.S. Business Administration, Financial Services Technical Diploma, Spiritual Life Coaching Certification, 19+ years in Customer Service, 12+ years in Business, 10+ years in Marketing, 9+ years in Sales and Accounting/Finance to help catapult the success in your business so that you can make the IMPACT that you desire by leaving a legacy that you can be proud of. 

I have created this mastermind with a pinch of love + strategy + a whole lot of wisdom to create a powerhouse community where you will learn the skills needed to be profitable and scale your business so that you can make an IMPACT and THRIVE!

No more playing small, sister!

God placed a dream on your heart and it's up to YOU to see it come to fruition. 

In the mastermind you'll find the following: 

  • Business Pearls of Wisdom - with my business training videos they'll help you ditch the fear, build your email list, get insanely visible, get your next paying client, and more. 
  • Expert Pearls of Wisdom - with my guest expert training videos they'll help guide you on this business journey to grow and stretch beyond what you think is possible. 
  • Supportive Community - with this mastermind model you'll always be surrounded by other like-minded women that are on the same or similar journey as you that are chasing their dream.
  • Personalized Support - Q&A all day every day in the community for extra TLC, opportunities to be in the “hot seat” during group coaching sessions or the marketing jam session, and new trainings monthly that'll meet your needs. 
  • Downloadable Resources - with my resource library that is full of life and business related resources they'll help you dive deeper into topics of your choosing such as how to find your purpose, get insanely visible, craft the perfect cocktail pitch, create an epic social media strategy and more. 

Are you ready to make that dream of yours a reality and start living your dream life?


    CAUTION: This is NOT just another Facebook Group but a COMMUNITY where you will be motivated, inspired, and guided while you build your empire by being fully supported by your fellow glitter lovin' gals in business! 

    Farewell to the days of trying to DIY and hello to the days of collaboration, support, and sisterhood! 


    Glitter & Grit Mastermind


    What's Included?

    • Daily Q&A with me to have all of your immediate questions answered in real time
    • Monthly group coaching call with me + optional "hot" seat coaching
    • Monthly group marketing call with me + optional "hot" seat coaching
    • Monthly themed training by me designed to help you grow and scale your business
    • Monthly themed guest expert training designed to further increase your knowledge and skills
    • Monthly discussion about "what's working now" in my business to gain new insights into new strategies and more
    • Access to the membership site training vault full of videos that cover a variety of topics that include:
      • Business
      • Marketing
      • Mindset
      • Leadership
      • Sales
      • Social Media
      • Visibility
    • Access to my exclusive Resource Library that's full of life and business resources
    • Accountability pods that will rotate monthly for additional accountability and support
    • Private Community for extra TLC, support, and guidance where my eyes are on your business
    • Exclusive VIP invites to special offers that no one else has access too
    • Exclusive VIP behind the scenes sneak peeks of what's going on at Team Brissi

    Total Investment?


    Note: Price shown is in US dollars. There is a ONE month minimum commitment, after which you may cancel anytime by emailing me at least 72 hours before your next payment is due.

    By joining the Glitter & Grit Mastermind, you agree to the Terms and Conditions


    "Are you on the fence about joining Kayla’s Glitter & Grit Mastermind? If you are, get off that fence and join! You will not be disappointed!

    As you know, Kayla ALWAYS over delivers and provides TONS of valuable content. The Glitter & Grit Mastermind is no exception! 

    Kayla has a solution for every obstacle you face in your business. 

    The resources in this membership site are incredibly well organized and it’s so easy to find what you are looking for. I have been a member of other masterminds/membership sites and I just felt confused and spent lots of time looking for the resources I needed. This is not the case with Kayla – no surprise because Kayla is AMAZING!!!

    In addition to all the incredible resources, we also have access to a private group, her resource library, Q&A, a monthly group call, and more. Seriously? It’s a no-brainer!! The value 0f this is HUGE! 

    What are you waiting for? 

    Jump in and join the Glitter & Grit Mastermind!"

    - Sue Zimmerman, Holistic Health Coach


    "The Glitter & Grit mastermind is the! Kayla has yet again given you so many tools to help you grow your business. This is almost too good to be true, I tell ya. But it is true!

    You don't have to sit back and wait for the perfect tool anymore. Jump in and get to work with the resources of a lifetime NOW! 

    I am completely floored with the complete collection of resources, monthly group chat and a private group she is offering.

    You will NEVER be sorry for working with Kayla. She always over delivers and never disappoints!"

    - Stacy McIntyre, Wellness and Oil Educator

    Who is this for?

    • This is for the fearless entrepreneur that is ready to take her business to the next level by ditching the excuses that have been holding her back for far too long. 
    • This is for you if you're an online service based entrepreneur (influencer, coach, consultant, mentor, blogger, author or speaker) or a local business with online exposure wanting to make an impact.
    • This is for you if you're ready to utilize your God-given and unique talents to give back to the world.
    • This is for you if you're ready to create a movement that leaves a legacy that you can be proud of. 
    • This is for your if you're an ambitious, go-getter, and impact driven woman. 
    • This is for the woman who holds herself to higher standards, acts with integrity, morals, and ethics. 
    • This is for the woman who has a business or is serious about scaling her business. 
    • This is for the woman who believes in community over competition. 
    • This is for the woman who is not threatened by another woman's success. 
    • This is for the woman who knows she needs to invest in herself and her business to make her God-sized dream a reality. 
    • This is for the woman who is ready to give it her all, like 100% to herself, her business, and those that she connects with. 

    What's Currently Inside the Glitter & Grit Mastermind?

    • 50+ Videos covering:
      • Business
      • Leadership
      • Mindset
      • Sales
      • Social Media
      • Visibility (Marketing)
    • Past 5-day Challenge Archives to help you tackle visibility, sales, and more!
    • Archived weekly Q&A calls so that you can get personalized coaching support around your daily challenges. 
    • Monthly Group Coaching so that you can get laser support within your business.
    • Private Facebook Community for extra TLC, support, and guidance. 


    Ready to join us?

    Note: There is a ONE month minimum commitment, after which you may cancel anytime by emailing me at least 72 hours before your next payment is due.

    By joining the Glitter & Grit Mastermind, you agree to the Terms and Conditions


    "The Glitter & Grit Mastermind is seriously the ONE tool every entrepreneur should have on her tool belt.  

    It is loaded with incredible and essential information for you to really shine in your business. 

    Kayla has the videos categorized into various areas so that you can easily choose whatever you're needing help with the most right now.  

    Navigating through the Glitter and Grit Mastermind is a breeze! 

    Of course, Kayla has it organized for us, haha!  

    The videos themselves are fabulous and are seriously loaded with great training. I think being able to access the videos on my own time to build my knowledge individually but then you also get the live Q&A sessions AND a monthly group coaching call!!  

    Hello ladies, group calls are the bomb!  You get to share what you're working on, struggling with, collaborate with other ladies and brainstorm along with Kayla. The best part of the mastermind is the community that can help motivate you, hold you accountable and support you while you work hard in your business and life."

    - Mindy Abbeduto, Event Planner and Designer


    Hi, I'm Kayla, a Marketing Strategist for online service based entrepreneurs and small business owners.

    I love helping others gain a strong online presence, attract quality leads, convert them into paying clients so that they can make more of an impact!

    I am passionate about the work I do because I believe in inspiring and empowering others to utilize their God-given gifts to make a profound impact on the world by giving back and leaving a legacy they can be proud of for years to come. 

    I felt called to create the Glitter & Grit Mastermind because I have a servant leader's heart. I am passionate about helping others to succeed, but more importantly, I want to see them THRIVE in their life and business by utilizing their unique skills.

    I often see women struggling to build a sustainable business that motivates, inspires, and fulfills them but also one that is profitable. 

    I want to be the support system and the coach for women who BELIEVE in the power of coaching and understand the importance of investing. Whether that be my high-end programs or this very membership style mastermind.

    This is WHY I created the Glitter & Grit Mastermind! 

    This mastermind is where you can totally let your hair down because you can feel free to...

    • to not be perfect
    • to mess up and learn from it
    • to not know everything
    • ask for support when you need it the post
    • ask for feedback on what you're working on so that you can move forward and stop feeling stuck
    • collaborate with others to help support you and your dream
    • celebrate and share your wins without feeling like a total bragger
    • share your biggest frustrations without fear what others will think of you
    • take massive inspired action 
    • step outside of your comfort zone and do some scary stuff
    • grow and scale your business by taking it to the next level

    You don't have to do this alone!

    You can get the support you desire from a mentor, your new biz bestie, to help guide you to seeing momentum in your business. 

    Let's take that dream of yours and make it a reality!

    You are UNSTOPPABLE!


    Let's get started! 

    Note: There is a ONE month minimum commitment, after which you may cancel anytime by emailing me at least 72 hours before your next payment is due.

    By joining the Glitter & Grit Mastermind, you agree to the Terms and Conditions


    "I LOVE the Glitter & Grit Mastermind! 

    It's well laid out, and I like that there was more than one video in each section. The best part is being able to make notes and go back and rewatch stuff and apply the material. 

    A treasure trove!"

    - Jasmine Tosseth-Smith,  Mom Strategist


    "Kayla ALWAYS over-delivers and this mastermind is no different! 

    I love how everything is bite-sized and designed to help me take immediate action without spending hours watching videos or completing overwhelming packets. 

    This is EXACTLY what I was looking for to give my business a boost."

    - Audra Coats-Hudson, Christian Spiritual Growth and Purpose Coach


    How do I know if I'm a perfect fit for the Mastermind? 

    If you're desiring support, have a dream that is so big it scares you, and you're ready to take some action, then this is for you. This mastermind is designed to be a catalyst for your growth. It'll inspire and motivate you to make your dreams come true. You will no longer be trying to DIY, but you'll have the support from your fellow Glitter & Grit Mastermind sisters and myself. 

    How much time will be required? 

    Really, it's up to you. You can put as little or as much into this mastermind as you desire. All the videos are uploaded in our secure membership area. You are welcome to view them at any time and will have lifetime access to them as along as you're apart of the Glitter & Grit Mastermind. There will also be daily Q&A where you can have your most pressing questions answered when you post them to the community. Additionally, there will be monthly training, a guest expert training, a marketing hot seat, and group coaching call as well. Those are all optional, but strongly encouraged. All recordings will be added to the membership area and will be available for you to view at your leisure. 

    Do I need to show up for the live calls? 

    The monthly training, marketing, and group coaching calls are completely optional. I do encourage you attend though as they're extremely beneficial for you and your business. All group calls will be recorded and placed inside the membership area as well for you to access as needed.

    What types of businesses is the Mastermind for? 

    This mastermind is for service-based entrepreneurs and local businesses with online exposure. I do have experience with bloggers, product based businesses, and the Direct Sales/Multi-Level Marketing industry; however, a lot of the content is geared towards my larger clientele base that are service based entrepreneurs or small business owners. You are more than welcome to join the Glitter & Grit Mastermind no matter what industry you're in, just know that some of the videos may not be ideal for you; however, I can always put a different spin on it when asked so that it's applicable to your business. 

    When does the Mastermind start? 

    You're able to start as soon as you enroll into the Glitter & Grit Mastermind and will receive access to the private community and membership area. You will have access to the videos + private community as long as you maintain your membership with the Glitter & Grit Mastermind.

    What will I learn in the Mastermind?

    You’ll get access to short but impactful videos in the membership vault + all the other coaching calls or training that are designed to help you gain clarity in your business and your BIG dream, get new clients, get insanely visible, build your email list, and more so that you can make an impact and profit. The training videos cover a variety of topics under the following pillars: Business Basics/Startup, Mindset, Leadership, Marketing, Sales, Social Media, and Visibility. Each are designed to give you useful tips, tricks, and knowledge that'll allow you to take action right away to start seeing some results within your business. 

    What makes this different that the other membership Masterminds? 

    The mastermind is a blended community where it combines both a membership site where videos + other resources are stored + a private community where you receive exclusive access to me as a private client. My clients receive a natural blend of my strengths where I combine both business and life coaching + marketing strategy. 

    My God-given gifts and top strengths are strategic and creative thinking. I'm a learner, extremely inquisitive due to my "input" strength, and executor by nature. What does that mean for you? I can give you one helluva strategy + a way to execute it within in seconds! It's completely customized because it uses my out of the box thinking. No cookie-cutter approach here!

    You won't find anyone else in the industry that has my unique strengths that combines my passion for all things strategy, marketing, and sales!

    Additionally, I'm combining all of my knowledge, skills, and experience to deliver to you some valuable information to help guide you to creating a profitable business. 

    You'll also have access to me and the community to help hold you accountable to keep moving forward towards the success that you desire. I give my all and show up 110% for my clients.

    What you put into this mastermind is what you get out of it and I meet you where you are to take you where you want to be. 

    What results can you guarantee?

    Well, I can't really make any guarantees because there's too many variables at play. However, I can share other results that my clients have achieved by working with me. Such as nearly filling up their new program within 12-72 hours of launch, signing their first paying clients, creating their first passive income product and having consistent income, positioning themselves as an expert and being asked to be on a telesummit, guest blog, and more. Feel free to take a look at the incredible love notes my clients have left for me. 

    Can I get a refund?

    No, unfortunately you are unable to receive a refund for this membership style mastermind because of the extensive time, effort, preparation and care that goes into creating and providing the material within the Glitter & Grit Mastermind. There is a minimum of a one month commitment for the Glitter & Grit Mastermind membership community. However, you are more than welcome to cancel your membership at any time but no less than 72 hours before your next membership payment is due by sending me an email at

    Still have questions? 

    No worries! I want to make sure you have all the information you need in order to make an informed decision to join the mastermind. Simply send your questions via email at, and I’ll be happy to answer them for you. 


    Ready to get the support you desire so that you can share your gifts with the world, make and impact, and a profit?

    Join us inside the Glitter & Grit Mastermind!

    Note: There is a ONE month minimum commitment, after which you may cancel anytime by emailing me at least 72 hours before your next payment is due.

    By joining the Glitter & Grit Mastermind, you agree to the Terms and Conditions