Marketing Support

Looking for additional marketing support in your business?

You've come to the right place! I love all things to do with business, especially if it involves online visibility, marketing, and sales. Holla!

I am passionate about helping women get insanely visible online by leveraging the power of marketing. As a business mentor, I walk my clients through my simple process to creating a content marketing strategy that allows them to stand out from the crowd, position themselves as an expert, attract their dream clients, and make consistent sales. 

However, I know you're super busy and perhaps marketing isn't your jam; which is why you're looking for some additional marketing support. Right? 

Listen, I totally get that I have clients that want to learn how to master their marketing so that they can DIY but I also know there are ladies, like you, that would rather hand it over to a professional who totally geeks out over this sort of thing.

The big question is, how can I help you? 

I have outlined a couple of packages that will help, you, as a small business owner navigate the online world to get insanely visible, create some epic content that'll attract your leads and ultimately make you some money! 

Take a look! 

Social Media Visibility Strategy Package

My goal as a strategist is to co-create a strategy that will get you visible, drive traffic to your website, community, and following, gather leads, and convert to paying clients organically.

Together we will discuss your vision, determine your goals, and co-create a strategy to get you and your business insanely visible fast! We'll review industry standard conversions and strive to meet or exceed those expectations so that we can get you the best possible ROI. 


What's Included?

  • 30-min monthly chat to discuss social media visibility strategy
  • Customized digital marketing strategy for social media
  • System setup (auto scheduler, social media platforms, etc.) 
  • Scheduling of social media content
  • Tracking of analytics on social media 
  • Hashtag research
  • Done for you (DFY) monthly social media visibility strategy
  • Weekly social media planner 
  • Monthly social media calendar 
  • Facebook group tracker

Additional Services

  • Social media content creation (*additional fee)
  • Blog post(s) (*additional fee
  • Consulting (*additional fee)


Investment? Starting at $550/mo

*Investment starts at $550 per month and will increase if client chooses to add on social media and/or blog post creation or consulting work.

Any additional fees will be discussed during the initial marketing consultation.

Ready to get started?

Book a Marketing Consultation to explore how I can help you get insanely visible online, stay consistent with your marketing efforts, and attract leads to your business so that you can be making bank. 

Note: If you desire more support than outlined above, then I encourage you to book a Marketing Consultation to discuss a customized Domination Digital Marketing Strategy package that fits with your goals, budget, and needs.

Ghost Blogger

You have a business and you know the power of blogging but the everyday grind prevents you from consistently creating blog posts that'll help you get visible online and attract your dream clients.

Don't fret! 

I offer ghost writing services for blogging to help you stay consistent with your content marketing strategy, attract your dream clients, and drive traffic to your website all so that you can get visible without the extra hustle. I take over and write your blogs for you and you're able to deliver them to your community, list, and following online so that you can focus on other more important tasks in your business and stop worrying about creating epic content for your tribe. 

Real talk, I am not a professional copywriter and will never claim to be. I just love to write and create blogs! 

There are a couple of options to choose from for ghost blogging and I have outlined them below for you. 


Investment $40 Note: 72 hour turnaround

Investment $40

Note: 72 hour turnaround

Investment $150 Note: 7-10 day turnaround for maximum of 5 posts

Investment $150

Note: 7-10 day turnaround for maximum of 5 posts


What's included?


  • Customized blog post based on your industry and specific to your business
  • 450+ word blog post delivered via Microsoft Word by turnaround deadline
  • Keyword/SEO optimized blog post
  • Research links (if applicable) 
  • 1blog revision included

Note: Client will provide topics of choice to me for the blog post(s) or have the option to choose from a list that is provided. 

Ready to rock 'n roll?

Book a Marketing Consultation with me today to discuss how I can be of service to you and help you tackle your blogging needs.