Hi, I'm Kayla and I am honored that you are joining us inside of the Glitter & Grit Mastermind. A place where you can be your BEST self, shine, and mastermind. 

Together we will lift you up!

You'll always feel inspired, motivated, and supported while on this crazy rollercoaster ride that we call entrepreneurship. 

You, darling, are UNIQUE! Now is your time to SHINE! 

Let's toss the glitter because it's time to show our true grit and get down to business. 

"Your dreams are on the other side of grit!" 

As part of the Glitter & Grit Mastermind, you have access to the weekly Q&A archives with, yours truly.

NOTE: Weekly Q&A isn't offered because you may ask questions all day every day in the community!

You have access to a monthly group coaching call via Zoom. Together we will join forces and mastermind to brainstorm ideas, get you unstuck, and to move forward with confidence in your business! 

The monthly group coaching call will be held the 2nd Monday of the month.

Note: Please view the pinned post within the community for the time as it will change monthly. 

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The Glitter & Grit Mastermind wouldn't be complete without a private community for additional support from your Glitter & Grit Gals as well as myself. 

Our community is YOUR place to connect, network, collaborate, and mastermind with each other. 

Feel free to ask for feedback, share your latest wins, ask questions, or share what you're working on. 

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As part of the Glitter & Grit Mastermind, you have access to my private Resource Library that is full of amazing resources that'll help you with discovering your purpose, building your brand, working out your cocktail pitch, organizing your social media, and more. 

It's the mother load of epic resources all housed in one awesome and convenient place. 

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Password: UnicornResources!