New Coaching Client Kit + Letters Bundle


New Coaching Client Kit + Letters Bundle


Are you a new coach and are ready to get your business off the ground but don't know what you need to welcome your new clients? 

Don't you worry, I got you covered! In the New Coaching Client Kit + Letters, you'll find: 

  • New Coaching Client Kit:
    • Business Goals Worksheet
    • Client Call Notes Worksheet
    • Sample Client Invoice
    • Sample Coaching Agreement 
    • Coaching Code of Ethics
    • Coaching Success Guidelines
    • Coaching Confidentiality Agreement
    • Client Intake Form
    • Monthly Review Form
    • Ongoing Pre-Call & Post-Call Form
    • Payment Arrangement Form
    • Welcome Letter
    • and more! 
  • Get New Clients Letters:
    • Client Reactivation
    • Client Testimonial Request
    • JV Program Invitation
    • Post Consultation Call Follow-Up
    • Post Event Potential Client Follow-up
    • Referral Bonus for Existing Clients
    • Referral Request
  • Cringe-Worthy Client Letters:
    • Cancellation Recovery
    • Client Boundaries
    • Client Missed Appointment
    • New Client Refusal (Refer to another person)
    • New Client Refusal (Refer to another program)
    • Clients Who Waste Your Time Termination
    • Rate Increases
    • Refund Refusal (Credit Card Cancellation)
    • Refund Refusal (Credit Card Chargeback)
    • Refund Refusal (PayPal)
    • Termination 
  • Client Payment Letters:
    • Failed Payment with a Credit Card
    • Failed Payment with an Expired Credit Card
    • Failed Payment Follow-up
    • Failed Payment Insufficient Funds
    • Late Payment
    • Payment Demand Letter (5-day demand)
    • Payment Plan Arrangement
    • Payment Plan Contract Collection 
    • Upcoming Payment Reminder

When I was a new coach I WISH I had something like this at my disposal. It certainly would have saved me a lot of time and many headaches from trying to do it myself. 

The New Coaching Client Kit + Letters is an entire kit that is designed to help you kickstart your new coaching business without the overwhelm and headache. It has all been completely done for you at an affordable price. It literally has everything you need as a NEW coach to get started TODAY. 

The kit was designed in Microsoft Word so that you can easily copy/paste the information that you need right into all the documents. Easy peasy!

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