Social Media Management

Are you overwhelmed with trying to figure out social media and frustrated that your content isn't converting?

Frustrated woman

Strategies, algorithms, content, oh my!

I know you're frustrated!

You're putting in all of this time and effort into building a social media audience and for what? It seems like nothing!

Your posts are getting no engagement.

No one is buying your offers.

Social media is quite frankly ticking you off.

I honestly get it.


What if your social media was #onfire?

Imagine for a moment what it would look like if your social media worked hard for you so that you could binge watch Netflix in the middle of the afternoon, hit up the beach with your family, or take an afternoon siesta just because you wanted too...

What would be different?

  • organic reach surpassing the mere 2% industry standard and growing your page following

  • engagement blowing up on your social media where a REAL community is being built

  • quality leads knocking on your virtual door asking to work with you

  • raving and loyal fans hanging on to every word you say

Are you tired of wasting your precious time online creating content for social media only to have it go unnoticed and not generate quality leads?

If so, I would love to introduce you to the DITCH THE OVERWHELM SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT service!

I can support you with ditching the overwhelm and saving your sanity by:

  • creating compelling content for social media to engage + attract quality leads.

  • creating a customized social media strategy that tells you exactly where, when, and how often to post on social media for consistency.

  • scheduling your social media content for you to save you time + eliminate a headache.

  • researching viral curated content from your industry to position yourself as a credible expert who is up to date on the latest industry trends.

  • increasing your ORGANIC reach + following, attract quality leads, and boost your sales by helping you stay consistent online.

There comes a time when you need to hire help in your business! I hit that point and needed someone to take away the overwhelm I was feeling. Kayla has helped me get all my social media posts on a calendar, scheduled, and organized. She even assisted with content and graphics creation! I saw an increase in engagement, following, and organic reach on my page in the FIRST week! This frees up time to build relationships and do the classes that I love doing, all while I am still getting new leads with my new amazing social media strategy created by Kayla! The overwhelm is gone!!! Don’t hesitate to get this service if you are like me. I love having the extra time I need to pamper my customers and find new ones! ♥

What are the Benefits?

  • eliminate the feelings of overwhelm of trying to do all the things so that you can focus on what you do best, serving your clients

  • stop feeling frustrated with trying to figure out what to post to engage your audience so that you can create a community of raving fans

  • save time from trying to work outside of your zone of genius so that you can spend more time with your family

  • delegate tasks to a trusted professional that'll get you results and give you peace of mind so that you can avoid being on the verge of burnout

  • stay consistent with your online marketing so that you can attract, engage, and convert more of your audience while you create memories with your family

Working with Kayla has been a crucial asset to my business from the start. I was able to set up and launch my event planning business successfully and am continually booking clients. By using her methods and strategy in regards to social media marketing, I have been able to reach a more targeted audience for my services, getting more visible with not only my ideal client but with collaborations and networking with others in my industry who are local to me. Building an online presence and gaining visibility has allowed me to share my expertise in local publications, write guest blogs and articles for online magazine publications. This all has been possible by following Kayla’s strategies and advice on better understanding how social media works and how to market in order to be SEEN in the online community. I highly recommend anyone struggling to be seen, heard, and known, to work with Kayla. Her strategies are proven to work and are easy to implement!

What results have my clients achieved with my support?

  • 5,400% increase in organic reach in ONE day on Facebook

  • 2,267% increase in engagement in ONE day on Facebook

  • 25,400% increase in organic reach in comparison to previous 7 days on Facebook

  • 700%+ increase in new likes/followers in ONE week on Facebook

  • 30-70% organic reach per post (industry standard is 2%) on Facebook

  • 3,428% increase in website page views in ONE week 

  • tripled their sales within 2 weeks

  • gained 5+ new leads for their new program within 5 minutes of promoting it!

  • booked new clients within 24-72 hours of launching their new program!

  • and more!

Of course, all of this resulted in an increase in leads, sales, and profits!

I have worked with Kayla for over two years, and she has helped transform me, my business and my social media! I was struggling to keep up with social media with my busy schedule and found that I was wasting a lot of time trying to market my business. I quickly realized that my efforts weren’t yielding the kind of results I wanted and knew I needed Kayla’s help. When she took over my marketing, it was such a game changer for me and my business! Kayla is my social media manager, copywriter, and marketing guru who uses her proven marketing and sales strategies as well as her skills to increase my online presence, gain new followers, generate quality leads for my business, and boost my sales. Her dedication is steadfast and sincere. She is 110% committed to her clients which is why I am grateful that Kayla and her skills came into my life.

I have ONE spot available for this service and it will go like hot cakes!

Ready to get started?

Book a Marketing Consultation to discuss this program further and to determine which package meets your unique needs!



What’s Included?

  • Account set up + optimization of your profile(s) so that your message is consistent, it's SEO optimized, and on brand

  • Social media audit to determine what your weaknesses and strengths are to drive the direction of your unique strategy

  • Customized social strategy to increase your organic reach, drive traffic, and attract quality leads for conversion

    • 1 post/day for ONE platform (Facebook, Instagram, Google+, or LinkedIn) OR 15 posts/day (Pinterest or Twitter)

  • Original content designed to get you visible and build rapport with your audience

  • Curated content to showcase that you're up to date on the latest trends in the industry

  • Social media content scheduling via a 3rd party application of your choice or natively for posting consistency

  • Monthly email with a review of analytics to highlight what is or isn't working with the strategy because the numbers don't lie



What’s Included?

  • Everything from the Basic Plan but only TWO platforms available

    • Options available:

      • 1 post/day (Google+ or Linked In)

      • 2 posts/day (Facebook or Instagram)

      • 20 posts/day (Pinterest or Twitter)

  • 10 images/platform OR consulting on images so that you no longer have to worry about crappy graphic or whether or not it’s the right size image

  • Automation account set up so that you don’t have to worry about figuring out “one more” application

  • Unlimited support from me via email for "brain picking", bounce around ideas, review of copywriting, and more



What’s Included?

  • Everything from the Elite Plan but FULL social media management available as a Virtual CMO

    • 1 post/day (Google+ or Linked In)

    • 3 posts/day (Facebook or Instagram)

    • 30 posts/day (Pinterest or Twitter)

  • 15 images/platform OR consulting on images so that you no longer have to worry about crappy graphic or whether or not it’s the right size image


Note: Add-on services such as email marketing, website design or copywriting are available and can be built into each of the offers! Take a look at our full service page for the Domination Digital Marketing Agency.