These beauties had some love to share and some pretty amazing things to say about working with me. 

Here are their words of LOVE... 

"Prior to working with Kayla I treated my business like a hobby. I bought tons of programs and trainings, but never really implemented what I had learned. I was hesitant to spend money on a coach because I thought I could do it myself. The thing is, I wasn't doing it myself. 😕 Have you found yourself saying the same thing?
I was finally ready to take my business seriously, but I didn't know where to start. I had won a 30 minute complimentary call with Kayla and I was blown away in that 30 minutes! Kayla was so easy to talk to, super knowledgeable, and knows her stuff! I knew immediately that I had to work with her!
Kayla has a system for EVERYTHING and makes the process seem so simple! Although I have been working with her for a while now, she continues to amaze me with her strategies for whatever challenge I am facing in my business. She helps create clarity in my chaos and gives me the direction I so desperately need!
Kayla has helped me reach my goals, improve my mindset, think "out of the box", bust through my blocks and resistance, and turn my hobby into a business.
If you are on the fence, get off it. Invest in yourself and your business. Take a leap and find out for yourself just how amazing she is!!!"

Sue Zimmerman, Holistic Health Coach at Whole Healthy Lifestyle


"I am so glad that I found Kayla and her visibility strategy. Total game changer!

It gave me the confidence to put myself out there and be seen. I learned HOW, WHEN and WHERE to post and that is exactly where I was struggling.

I learned to be consistent with my content. Consistency is key!"

Jasmine Tosseth-Smith, Mom Strategist at Mama by Design

"If you don't think a business coach is important, let me tell you my story.
About 7 months ago, I was ready to throw in the towel on my business when Kayla was offering a 4 month Mastermind course. I was frustrated and lost, my business was stagnant and failing. I needed help, so I jumped in with both feet and soaked in every little bit I could.
Because of Kayla I reached a new rank in my business the first month I worked with her and earned enough money to pay her and more!
She gave me the direction and confidence to do what was needed to move forward. She helped me face my fears and get myself visible. My business is still growing because of her!
Thank you Kayla for your commitment to me."

Stacy McIntyre, Wellness and Oil Educator with doTERRA Essential Oils

"Have you been wondering if a business coach is really necessary for your business? I was in so many FB groups looking for tips and business inspiration. One day I decided I was going to take the leap and I chose my perfect match Kayla.
I was in a MLM company that my heart wasn't in. Kayla helped me do some major soul searching and helped me get clear on what I wanted for my future. Kayla helped me make goals and reach those goals.
Another wonderful thing about working with Kayla is she really cares about you as a person. It's not just about building a business or increasing sales with Kayla. During difficult times in my life she was willing to step outside of the "business coach" role and be a friend and for that I will always be grateful that I took the leap and chose her!"

Jamie Martin, Mindset Coach at Jamie Yvette

"If someone were to ask me how I managed to stay at the top of my team for the ‘hardest’ month of the summer, I’d tell them, “BECAUSE OF KAYLA.”
If someone asked me how I managed to reach my promotion and FINALLY start getting paid with my direct sales company, with only myself and one other person on my team, in ONLY 2 WEEKS,  I’d tell them, “BECAUSE OF KAYLA.” 
Investing my time and money with Kayla was a HUGE leap of faith for me.  I figured that if she could help me turn my business around, then it was money well-spent. 
Let me tell you, I haven’t even completed her Mastermind program yet and already I’ve seen my orders TRIPLE.  I went from losing money to making more money than I ever had with my company!  One simple tweak and some pointers later, and I have BUILT MYSELF an EMPIRE! 
If someone asked me if I’d invest with her again and if they should use her services, I’d tell them, “HELL YES!” 

Brittany Petersheim, Pink Status Presenter with Younique

“Working with Kayla totally turned my business around. She helped me find clarity and new direction in JUST ONE CONVERSATION!
In 3 months? She helped me prepare my E-course, set a coaching package, and prepare for my next big journey: the almighty ebook!!
Kayla helped me to find the confidence I need to stand out as an expert in my field! Working with her is one decision I will NEVER regret!”

Emily David, Learning Success Coach at Emily David Coaching

"My experience with Kayla was enlightening! 
My favorite part about working with Kayla is how she easily pulled things into real life to make sense. I knew the cookie cutter approach wasn't the best idea and have been trying to figure out a way to make things more me. Kayla really helped pinpoint that focus to help me find a way to be me and not a follower.
I'm very excited to start the next chapter of my journey."

Kim Grogean, Independent Distributor at It Works

"Before I started working with Kayla, I was struggling with how to use my social media content to get clients. I would spend all this time creating content for different groups but not gaining new clients.
Once Kayla started showing me how to successfully create my content and really become visible in my groups I started attracting clients like CRAZY. Not just clients but my ideal client.
Now, I consistently have clients and attracting new ones everyday. None of this would be possible without Kayla’s content & visibility strategies. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME RESULTS!!!" 

Lacy Hodges, Virtual Assistant at Lacy J Hodges

"Working with Kayla helped me see that I can do anything I put my mind to. Dreams can become a reality.
Kayla is very knowledgeable about mastering your mindset and how to get visible fast and find your ideal clients.
She's also super fun and supportive."

Michelle Cornish, Profit Coach at Michelle Cornish

"Kayla took a mess of ideas and identity in my brain, swept the cobwebs away, and put it in a nice little package with a bow on top.
I was doubting my abilities to be successful as a Health and Fitness Coach and she guided me to a uniquely designed plan that includes all facets of my life and interests so that I am entirely and uniquely myself. I have been trying to get to the "top" by copying other successful people in my life and it was a constant struggle, I am now projecting a new image; MY OWN...and I have a plan that totally fulfills my passions.
I love this girl, she is a fabulous coach and person!" 

Leslie Klatt, Equestrian Fitness and Lifestyle Coach at Leslie Klatt

"Kayla is an awesome coach who clearly knows her stuff when it comes to direct sales!
My business had become stagnant and I was ready to take it to the next level - Kayla was clearly the woman to help get me there.
From our first interaction, I already had action steps to really up my game with my business.
I can't wait to work with her again!"

Mel Faulk, Wellness Advocate, Mindset Coach at doTERRA International  


"Kayla is a joy to work with.
She's straightforward, knowledgeable, and good at getting you to move forward.
I feel blessed to have worked with Kayla, because she has taught me skills to use forever. Mainly, the skill of having an effective mindset!!!"

Hien Hong, Yoga Teacher and Blogger at Hien Hong

"I was having a lot of difficulty managing the demands of a full time job, motherhood and a start up business. After speaking with Kayla for just a few minutes, I was able to see ways it could all get done.
She helped me create a plan and a way to stick to it. It is easy to suggest a plan that may work but Kayla made sure the plan would work for me. She helped me identify obstacles that may occur and how to handle them so that I would succeed.
Kayla was very insightful and helped me identify an area I had been over looking. She also helped me to see the importance of making sure that area was no longer ignored.
Kayla is wonderful to work with. I felt a connection to her immediately. I would highly recommend her services!"

Jennifer Kurko, Founder and President at Kiss Freely

"When I agreed to have a coaching session with Kayla, I wasn't really sure what to expect. I was nervous, anxious, and excited to see what she had to say but also scared about sharing a chunk of my life with someone I didn't know very well. Honestly, I had nothing to worry about!
Kayla was so approachable and easy to talk to, it was like talking to my best friend! She answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns and really tapped into the deep layers of my problems.
My main concerns were confidence and relationships. Kayla asked all the right questions with trying to figure out the source of these problems which totally made me realize where these problems started. I have never had someone ask me these questions before but I felt like I could tell Kayla everything!
After getting to the roots of my problems, Kayla was able to give me specific suggestions to help overcome these concerns. I am using her suggestions on a daily basis and I can feel myself becoming more confident day-by-day.
I would recommend her to anyone! I would ask for her help again in a heartbeat!"

Marissa Bakken, Owner and Photographer at Marissa June Photography

"Kayla was born to be a Business Coach; it's as simple as that. She's good at what she does and she loves to do it! Nowadays, it's hard to find someone who possesses both of these qualities in their work.
I recently moved to a new state and was having trouble getting my direct-sales business back up and running. Kayla's recommendations were realistic and easy to implement; I can't wait to check back in with her to tell her how much she has helped!
If you're looking for help with your business, Kayla is your girl!"

Ashley Holden, Sales Consultant at Norwex

"Kayla had posted one day about her business and within her post was the mention of "Are you feeling stuck, lost or unsure of where your life or business is headed? Do you feel unfulfilled or in a constant state of depression?"
I honestly read those words and thought to myself, "I feel like she's talking about me and she's reading my mind. I need to talk to her." 
I have several things in my life that I focus a lot of attention on, spend a lot of time doing and working very hard but yet, I was feeling very unfulfilled and just not at ease or happy with where my life was headed. Everything was ok in all reality, in relation to job, life, etc but I knew deep down, that my career choice and the many things I focus on were almost holding me back from what could really be my true passion and what would ultimately allow me to express my talents and desires in life to feel more fulfilled. 
We scheduled a clarity call and during the call, Kayla asked questions, many many questions but they were all good and helped narrow and sort through my thoughts as we discussed all the different things I like to dabble in to try to find my true purpose. Some questions were easier to answer than others and some, really made sense to me and helped me realize that even though you really like something, if it's not your passion, you aren't necessarily going to love doing it. 
During the call, it became more clear to me what purpose and passion in life was. The question that stands out the most to me that helped ring loud and clear was, "What is something that you could do all day long and not realize that time has passed?". It was in front of me this entire time and I've honestly given thought about it briefly at one point but never thought I could make it a reality, plus I was trying to make all these other 'likes' in my life into a passion and it wasn't working. I was exhausted and feeling unfulfilled because none of it was meant to be my true passion.
I feel almost relieved and have had a fire burning inside me that is motivating me each day to work on how I can turn my passion into a business and eventually a  career.  It became clear that this really IS a possibility and ti can happen if I work hard at it. I only wish I had someone like Kayla to guide me sooner and I could have started my passion project earlier. She made the call comfortable, moved along between questions, asked myself questions to allow her to understand where I was coming from and allowed me to give specific examples to go along with some of the info I was sharing. If you are feeling at all like I was, schedule a clarity call, you will not be disappointed!!!"

Mindy Abbeduto, Owner at Minderella Designs & Events

"I was in the market for a coach because I had a lot of major life changes coming up and I knew I needed a partner to navigate through them. Not only navigate but thrive and succeed when the challenges were the hardest. I was looking for a coach that had a similar life that I wanted for myself in the future with similar values and a similar personality. I found Kayla at the perfect time! I admire her little family she has started for herself, her business she has majorly invested in, and her spiritual views she is committed to. Seeing someone being courageous, doing the things I am scared to do, gives me reassurance that my goals are possible.
In a short period of time we have made great strides and breakthroughs in my life including identifying what I am passionate about doing for work, charging my value, starting to get my finances more under control, and taking better care of myself physically and emotionally. In fact, I am not even surprised that where I am right now is exactly where I wanted and expected to be in this time span BUT I knew I couldn't get their unless I took action to invest in the help. Formulas to success are SIMPLE but just not EASY. It takes guidance, ongoing learning, hard work, accountability, and sometimes tough love.
When a coach and a client find each other this is good news for both sides! If you do a free strategy session with Kayla you will have NOTHING to lose. Not even time, because even if you are not the right fit for each other, I promise you the call will still be valuable. Remember that others will not invest in you if you do not invest in yourself."

Rachel Lee, Speaker, Coach, NLP Practitioner at Rachel S Lee

"Kayla has a great ability to listen to what you're saying, but hear what you aren't. She is able to drill down on the barriers that are holding you back while providing resources for you to use to break through them. 
I was able to get some walk away points on shifting my mentality and being ok with giving myself that time to rejuvenate and focus on myself to be a better version of myself. 
Kayla was very professional, a great listener and good at drilling down to my "issues" on what I was trying to explain! Being able to have Kayla break down my barriers and helping me focus on what is holding me back from my full potential and best version of myself was my favorite part about working with her." 

Melissa Kudley, Independent Consultant at L'Bri Pure n' Natural

"When I met Kayla I wasn't looking for a coach. We met through a business Facebook group. I had just started my own business and was feeling frustrated and defeated with the little results I was getting. When I started talking with Kayla, it became clear to met had she had the knowledge and experience in areas I needed help in.
Kayla helped me create achievable goals and the tools to expedite these goals. Kayla speaks her mind and the truth. On days I was feeling unmotivated and defeated she was also my cheerleader. 
As a stay at home Mom, working out of the home, Kayla also helped me organize my business and home responsibilities. Working from home there's a lot of distractions and Kayla gave me tools to learn how to focus on one thing at a time. 
Kayla has helped my confidence within my business and at home. All this amazing guidance has been in 1 month of working with Kayla! I'm blown away with how much she has helped me in 1 month. Imagine what 6 months of coaching would look like? Mind blowing!!!"

Jessica Gelinas, Bronzer Beta Beautytainer at Tyra Beauty


"I enjoyed getting some one-on-one coaching from Kayla. She's fantastic at what she does! She helped me gain a lot of clarity surrounding what exact type of coaching I want to do, and just as importantly, what type I don't want to do. She was able to tell what lit me up, and what I wasn't so lit up about. In addition, Kayla skillfully helped me with some of the branding aspects of my business. 
Kayla is very perceptive, enthusiastic, energetic, and realistic while helping people go for their dreams. She also has a great sense of humor. I highly recommend her." 

Kate Pinkett, Author and Coach at Kate Pinkett Coaching


"I loved speaking with Kayla. I could connect with her on a personal level quite easily. I knew what my unique gifts were before I spoke with Kayla; however, her thoughtful questions enabled me to see my own gifts in a way that I could easily tie them together and visualize how to use them for better. The idea she gave me to use my skills in helping my clients was actually quite different yet immensely practical. I highly appreciate my time with her!
My favorite part about working with Kayla was I honestly didn't feel like it was a complimentary coaching session rather two friends connecting with each other and getting to know each other. It was cool! 
I would 100% recommend Kayla to others! Anyone who would like to get clarity on their God-given gifts, how they can use them to glorify God's name and support others must get on a call with her. Better hire her as your coach!

Sabita Saleem, Freelance Ghostwriter, Content Writer and Marketing Content Creator at Sabita Saleem

"Kayla is a coach who is engaging, energetic, open, and honest in a way that can help women who need support in their business. Her approach allows for a conversation between two people that allows for listening and coaching. 
My favorite part of working with Kayla was her ability to encourage and share effective practices during our session.
I would recommend Kayla to others because she is encouraging and is able to share strategies that will benefit any coach/mentor/consultant who is looking to grow in their career." 

Sylvia Adamczyk, CEO & Founder at A Lady's Legacy Women's Leadership Consulting