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Are you ready to grow and sale your business further by leveraging passive income in conjunction with your free publicity?

Grab your copy of the Passive Income Planner for just $7 (normally $17)!

This Passive Income Planner is perfect for you if you're a: 

  • Coach

  • Consultant

  • Mentor

  • Online Service Provider 

  • Local Business with Online Exposure 

… and are looking to create passive income so that you can stop trading time for dollars and actually live your life! 

In the Passive Income Planner you'll learn how to:

  • brainstorm a passive income product that sells. 

  • build your sales funnel.  

  • resource page for additional income. 

  • spruce up your autoresponder sequence.

  • build up your blog effectively. 

  • create strategic sales pages that convert. 

  • determine and create an up-sell process. 

  • monetize your emails. 

The Product Creation Planner is nineteen pages long and walks you through a very simple process to create your first (or next) passive income product with ease.  Say hello to hearing your PayPal account going ka-ching ka-ching as you binge-watch Netflix, snuggle up with your kiddos or while you're sipping margaritas on the beach. 

Use the discount code FEIASUMMIT.

Note: The discount code to grab the Passive Income Planner expires October 10th.